Keanu Reeves Is Auctioning Off A Zoom Date To Help Cancer-Stricken Children| His Giving Spirit Shines Through Again

Keanu Reeves Is Auctioning Off A Zoom Date To Help Cancer-Stricken Children| His Giving Spirit Shines Through Again

Keanu Reeves is a silent giver. He is also one of the most humble actors in the entertainment industry.

Keanu Reeves is known for his charisma and personality. Additionally, people also love him because of the humility he has despite being part of the world of glitz and glam. Reeves always tries to make the lives of people around him better by helping them out in whatever ways he can. According to People, the actor has once again stepped up to lend a helping hand for a charity.


having gone through some really tough times in life

The 55-year-old star is taking part in a charity auction in which he will participate in a 15-minute Zoom chat with one lucky winner. The money collected from the auction will be used to fund Camp Rainbow Gold, a children’s cancer organization. The organization aims to provide emotionally empowering experiences to cancer-stricken children in  Idaho, according to the organization's website. 

The auction list describes the opportunity as "A Little One-on-One with Keanu." The description then states the names of the actor's movies and even assures that "you will love him." "Bill & Ted. Speed. The Matrix. John Wick. You know him. You love him. This is truly priceless and now you have the chance to Zoom with him from home!" stated the description according to People. "Get your questions ready and spend 15-minutes with actor, director, producer and musician, Keanu Reeves," adds the description.


The auction set to close on Monday, June 22 at 12 p.m. MDT. The highest bid currently is $50,000. Meanwhile, the actor has been involved in other generous activities during the pandemic crisis. Recently, Reeves along with his Bill & Ted co-star Alex Winters came together for a video message to wish good luck to the graduating class of San Dimas High School.

The actors brought back their movie characters for the video and gave hope to the kids who did not have a chance to have the usual graduation ceremony. "We know it's a tough time right now and you're having to do this virtual graduation. We want to wish you the best of luck moving forward," said Winter.

Reeves continued, "Yeah, congratulations to the graduating class of 2020. Well done!" Winters asked the kids to be "excellent to each other." Reeves concluded saying, "And party on."

Undoubtedly, Reeves is using his time to reach out and do good. However, the Matrix star has always been involved with charities and other social programs. Though the actor does not often publicly speak of his philanthropic efforts, he is known to associate with many charitable organizations. Having seen his own sister suffer from lymphatic cancer, the actor supports cancer-stricken children.


Talking about Kim, the actor said to Woman's Day, "I love Kim. She's so brave, and I want the very best for her. You can star in hit movies, but that's nothing compared to going through what Kim's been through,"  according to Whoa is (Not) Me.

His sister too recalled the acts of her loving brother, "Keanu helped me so much through my illness. When the pain got really bad, he would sit with me and hold my hand, and keep the 'bad man' from making me dance. He was supporting me and comforting me all the time, even when he was away."

In addition to this, the actor has shown the greatness of his heart to the people who work with him. According to Hello Magazine, the actor gave away approximately $75 million dollars i.e. £50 million from his Matrix sequels earnings to members of the costume and special effects team. He wanted to show them his appreciation for the work they put in. The actor knew that their work was a major factor in the success of the movie. Besides that, he also gave $1 million dollars to each member of the crew.


"Money is the last thing I think about. I could live on what I have already made for the next few centuries," said the actor, when he was asked about his generosity.