Grandparents Welcomed 100th Grandchild Into Their Family After 60 Years Together | "The More the Merrier”

Grandparents Welcomed 100th Grandchild Into Their Family After 60 Years Together | "The More the Merrier”

Leo and Ruth Zanger welcomed their 46th great-grandchild, Jaxton Zanger in 2015.

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Leo and Ruth Zanger of Western Illinois are devoted grandparents to a whopping one hundred grandkids! After the birth of their great-grandson Jaxton Leo in 2015, a historic milestone was attained. Jaxton Zanger was born on April 8 to parents, Leo and Ruth Zanger, according to TODAY. The young kid was really their 46th great-grandchild when he was born, along with 12 children, 53 grandchildren, and one great-great-grandson. “We just love them all and they’re all so precious,” said Leo Zanger, who calls his newest family member, born April 8, "just another precious little bundle.”



To fit everyone, the family must rent out an entire church hall each time they gather together. According to the Quincy Herald, they also require at least 10 turkeys or fifty pounds of ham to feed everyone. The Zangers make care to alternate who brings what to the many events they attend throughout the year. Of course, this frequently entails competing with one another constantly.
Ruth and Leo have welcomed several children and grandkids since being married. The pair joked that they had enough grandchildren to "start our own town" as they welcomed the birth of their 100th grandchild some 60 years later. The majority of the family currently resides in or close to Quincy, Illinois, where Leo oversees a real estate business that also has four sons, one daughter, and two daughters-in-law working for it.






Leo says when questioned about their huge family, "The good Lord has just kept sending them." Although one may anticipate that they would feel that having over 100 close relations is excessive for a family, his wife Ruth says, "there's always room for one more." Leo and Ruth welcomed twelve children between 1956 and 1984 before their grandkids arrived. They had 10 grandkids by the time their youngest son Joe was born in 1984. Greg, Debbie, David, Donna, Steve, Mike, Daniel, Ernie, Matt, and Chuck are the other children. Donna Lane, is the unofficial family historian who meticulously documents all events that are directly or indirectly related to the Zanger family. These events include births, marriages, phone numbers, anniversaries, and just about anything else. For Donna, it's a labor of love.



When viewed from the outside, especially with such a large family, it may be simple to overlook such a significant occasion. Austin, though, is pleased of how close-knit his family is. Despite the fact that some of them are quite busy with work, they maintain their closeness. With their huge family, Daniel remembers that there was never a dull moment and that growing up was a lot of fun. Leo and Ruth now aim to inculcate the same sense of family in their grandkids and great-grandchildren. Every Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, and Father's Day, the large clan gathers together, as do many other families. It's all thanks to Leo and Ruth's commitment to maintaining the family unit with the assistance of their children that the unique Zanger bond endures even with the addition of their 100th grandchild to the crew.




Cover Image Source: Youtube | CBS News