Helpless Wife Forced To Deliver Baby Alone As Husband Was Busy Cheating On Her!

Helpless Wife Forced To Deliver Baby Alone As Husband Was Busy Cheating On Her!

The man's ex's parents and brother throught he had split from his wife while she was 7 months pregnant.

One woman was forced to give birth without the support of her husband. To make matters worse, she later realized that he had lied and cheated on her. 

The helpless woman took to Reddit to talk about the incident that changed her life. She stated that her husband was friends with his ex, Anna, for a long time. Despite their romantic past, the woman did not doubt her husband's relationship with Anna. However, things took a different turn after he failed to show up at the birth of their child.  

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Describing the incident, the woman claimed that her husband had to drive Anna to the hospital after her brother met with an accident. A few hours after he left, the pregnant woman began experiencing contractions. Though she called her husband multiple times, he was unreachable. Eventually, the woman decided to call her father. 

On reaching the hospital, the woman was stressed and worried about giving birth alone. In the meantime, her father continued trying to contact her husband. 

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"We called multiple times while I was in labor and when he finally picked up my Dad's call when I was giving birth, saying that he'd misplaced his phone in the chaos, my Dad informed him that no matter how fast he drives anymore, he's going to miss the birth of his child," wrote the woman. 

Finally, the husband arrived five hours after their child was born. The woman was so furious that she did not let him hold the baby at the hospital. Though the husband apologized, the woman was not ready to listen. "I told him that I didn't care and that his daughter has already come second to him and all she did was be born. I'm putting my daughter's and my health first and won't let her be sidelined. My husband agreed and left," recalled the woman. 

Further, the woman stated that Anna called her "cruel" for not allowing her husband to hold their baby at the hospital. "I told her that my husband made his decision and that this was his doing not mine," wrote the woman. 

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Later, the woman told readers that she decided to call Anna's brother to check on his condition. After revealing he was doing well, he disclosed some things that shocked her. 

The brother informed her that he and his parents were under the impression that her husband split from her during her 7th month of pregnancy. He also claimed that his family thought Anna and her husband were dating again. Additionally, he stated that her husband came to the hospital as Anna's boyfriend. 

The woman was shocked beyond words. She did not imagine her husband was lying to her the whole time. "He showed up at the hospital as Anna’s boyfriend which is why they didn’t bat an eye that he was there and not with his pregnant wife. Because apparently, we split. Her brother's procedures were done well before the afternoon so I don’t know that my husband and Anna were doing for all those hours, but I don’t even wanna know," she wrote. 

Reddit users were quick to respond to the incident. They sided with the woman and thrashed Anna. "He’s absolutely showing that you and your child are not a priority to him. NTA in the slightest. And anyone saying you are, is an absolute idiot," wrote one. "He put Anna above his own child, that's asshole level IMHO," wrote another.