Heartbroken Mom Had To Return Adopted Baby In Just 5 Days As Birth Parents Changed Their Minds

Heartbroken Mom Had To Return Adopted Baby In Just 5 Days As Birth Parents Changed Their Minds

However, the mom showed incredible maturity when she said she has no ill-feelings towards the parents who took back their daughter.

Sarah Howell was given only a one percent chance of conceiving a baby naturally due to her condition called endometriosis. The registered nurse and her husband Chris decided to opt for adoption. After a home assessment, the pair was added to the up to three-year-long waiting list. In January 2018, Sarah's life was about to change. The Virginia native felt a bit ‘off’ and decided to take a pregnancy test, even though doctors told her chances of being pregnant were slim. "When I opened my hall closet that morning the pregnancy tests were staring at my front and center when they are normally tucked away and out of sight. I had been going back and forth on whether to test before this so once I saw them I decided to go for it," she said according to The Mirror.  It was positive!

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"I sobbed. I cried so hard I could barely breathe. It really was the shock of my life. I remember I asked myself a million times that day, 'how is this possible?'" she questioned. Things were about to get even more surprising. An hour later a social worker from the adoption agency called the couple to say they had been matched and could meet their baby girl in just three weeks' time! Sarah was eight weeks pregnant when she met the baby girl with whom the couple had fallen in love. 



But their happiness was short-lived as the birth parents picked up the baby just 5 days later. They had changed their minds and this can legally be done up to ten days after the birth. "I was feeding her when the call came through,’ said Sarah of the first time she heard the devastating news. "I fell to the floor in despair. I kept saying over and over to my husband, 'you’re joking, this is a joke right?'" Sarah was in so much pain she thought she might have a miscarriage. "Saying goodbye to her hurt more than words can adequately describe. It felt like an actual death to us because we knew we would likely never see her again. She made us parents. She helped heal a part of our hearts that infertility broke. She made me a mum even if it was only for a few days."

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As the couple faced this heartwrenching obstacle they looked forward to the birth of their miracle baby. Sarah later went on to have a big family of her own. She gave birth to son Noah Howell, and the couple has since adopted Levi, one, and fostered another boy, two months old. Sarah does not harbor any ill will to the couple who took back their baby daughter. She showed incredible signs of maturity by understanding where the birth parents were coming from. "I always say the pain we felt that day was worse than our three years of infertility combined. We do not hold anything against her birth parents. If we could, we would tell them how much we love them, and how lucky baby girl is to have them as parents."