Groom Slaps Bride Onstage After Losing a Game at Reception in a Horrifying Video

Groom Slaps Bride Onstage After Losing a Game at Reception in a Horrifying Video

The bride left the stage after the incident and nobody said anything to the groom.

Representative Image Source: Getty Images/Peter Dazeley

Trigger Warning: The following story contains mention of abuse which might be disturbing for readers.

A shocking video showcasing a groom slapping his bride while the newlyweds are still on stage has gone viral. The horrifying occurrence apparently occurred as the newlywed couple was on stage at their celebration in Uzbekistan, probably after the wedding ceremony. The toastmaster forced them to participate in a tournament involving an unidentified game, reports The Mirror

The bride looked stunning in a white, glittering gown with her hair slicked back in a modest bun. The groom wore a suit with a sparkly purple tie for additional bling. The pair were given a task and asked to raise their hand once it was done. The bride finished her work ahead of her groom and swiftly raised her hand. When the bride won the challenge, the lady standing next to her was overjoyed. 




The groom, on the other hand, had the exact opposite reaction. He lifted his arm half-heartedly after completing his task. However, then he went on to slap his bride on stage. The terrified bride was ready to collapse to the side when the lady next to her caught her and held her. The bridesmaids then led the bride off the platform.

Meanwhile, the man standing next to the groom glanced bemused before removing his phone from his pocket and anxiously fumbling with it. All the while, the groom maintained his arrogant, violent demeanor and pretended that nothing significant had happened. The video has gone viral all over the world, with people expressing their shock at this display of violence on the wedding day.




A Twitter user commented, "I would stop the music, take the microphone and tell him that I'm getting a divorce, in front of everyone. I don't know why people didn't boo him, his body language shows that he thinks he looks more like a man for hitting her." Another person wrote, "Here is scum! A woman, a bride, on such a day! I can't even find the words, how disgusting!"

Another user wrote, "I don’t even have words, what a deep dense savagery. By the way, the bride is very beautiful, this "morel" next to her does not fit at all." Many people were surprised that people around her, particularly the Bride's family did not do anything about the situation as seen in the video. While others are deeming it a perfect example of arrogance and domestic violence. 






Representative Cover Image Source: Twitter/Peter Dazeley