Your Munchkin Can Become the New Gerber Baby. Here's How

Your Munchkin Can Become the New Gerber Baby. Here's How

The first Gerber baby in 1928, and the company has been doing the Gerber baby photo search every year since 2010.

All kids are cute and adorable, but not all of them can become the face of Gerber. But, that doesn't mean your child doesn't have a chance. The baby products company has opened the contest for its annual search and your baby can become the new spokes-baby and win $25,000. You can send in your entries until February 21 at 11:59 PM EST. The results will be decided by February 28 and winners will be notified after that.

The first Gerber baby was picked in 1928 and she was the face of the company for many decades. An artist named Dorothy Hope Smith entered a simple charcoal sketch of a family friend's child, Ann Turner Cook. She was awarded $300, which comes up to be $4,456.20 today, according to FoxBusiness. Ann went on to become a mystery novelist and retired as a school teacher in Tampa. The 93-year-old was the face of the company for a good 82 years and she meets the winners of the Gerber Photo Search since its launch.


The Gerber baby photo search began again in 2010. For 2020, babies and young children between the ages of one-day and four-years-old can enter the contest. Their photos and videos, up to a minute long are expected for the contest. One of the prizes includes a $25,000 cash prize for 2020.

The cash prize has been halved from previous contests. Earlier winners Mary Jane Montoya in 2012 and Lucas Warren in 2018 had both taken home $50,000 after becoming the face of the company.


"In the spirit of making the 10th anniversary of Photo Search our best yet, we are not just updating our entry guidelines but also changing up our winner’s prize. The winner’s prize, which will be revealed at the time of the winner’s announcement, will include cash and other valuable gifts and opportunities," the Nestle-owned company told Fast Company.

The images and video of the baby will be judged based on three criteria: visual appeal, expressiveness, and consistency with Gerber’s heritage and its "Anything for Baby" mission, according to their website. Parents with more than one child, who they want to enter for the competition, will need to submit individual entries for all of them. However, photos of twins and triplets (and so on) can be submitted together.


The complete rules can be found on the Gerber website. You can submit your entries on https://photosearch.gerber.com. You can also find more updates on their social media accounts: Instagram/YouTube. Their social media profiles can help parents find inspirations for how to click the winning entry. They are not looking for images from professional photoshoots, collages or family photos, according to Simplemost.


So, ready, set, go! Make your child the most famous baby in the US.