Fun Test: The Way You Walk With Your Partner Reveals A Lot About Your Relationship

Fun Test: The Way You Walk With Your Partner Reveals A Lot About Your Relationship

Our bodies unconsciously reflect our thoughts and our dynamics. Find out what yours says about you.

Relationships grow with time and the couple often establish their own personal equilibrium in terms of how they interact with each other. The body language of couples, in fact, can reveal a lot about their relationships as they often unconsciously change their postures based on the dynamics between themselves. So, what does it say about your relationship?

1) Walking together closely:

Walking close together (GettyImages-1202500370)

If you and your partner finds yourself walking closely like depicted in the image above, then you probably have a relationship that exists between soulmates. You find yourself inevitably attracted to each other's personality and even if you don't know it, you gravitate towards each other effortlessly. Your relationship is based on the solid foundations of trust and your thoughts intermingle even if you are two very different people individually. This is a relationship that you should cherish for it is quite rare to be in one so sweet.

2) Walking with hands held together:

Walking with hands held together (GettyImages-1164636451)

If you and your partner often walk with your hands held together, you have a relationship that is based on mutual trust, support, and comfort. You have distinct personalities and you mantain your individuality in your relationship but you are even better when working together. Your relationship is greater than the sum of its parts and you find the best things in your lives when acting together. You understand each other completely and grow in the relationship with each other's help. The bond of love between you and your partner is quite strong and it will keep growing with your time together.

3) Walking one after another:

Walking one after another (GettyImages-1268723453)

If you and your partner walk one after the another then your relationship is based on the fact that you make the best out of an opportunity. It need not be that one partner always leads, it could be the other way around at other times. The point is that no two people are best at everything so you let your partner take the lead where you lack and your partner allows you to lead in matters where you have more confidence. Your relationship is based on trust that both you and your partner are excellent in your own ways and you let each other take command as and when the situation demands. Your relationship would grow exponentially because of the simple fact that it is based on practical values 

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