Fun Puzzle: Which Woman Is The Man Interested In?

Fun Puzzle: Which Woman Is The Man Interested In?

Brain teasers and puzzles are a great way to pass your time.

With the presence of so many gadgets and the internet, most people are glued to the screens at all times. It is very rare nowadays to see people reading a newspaper, a book or even spend some quality time with family. While technology has a lot of positives, there are a lot of evident negatives. A lot of time infront of these gadgets may make children and adults lethargic and also hinder brain' development. Therefore, it is important to engage in activities that make you think and exercise your brain. Brain teasers and fun puzzles are a great way to achieve this. 

According to Escape London, "Challenging yourself to take on these brain teasers and puzzles are good for mind and body, having a sharp mind that is constantly put to work means you'll be healthier in the long run." These kinds of simple yet fun games boost the brain's activity and also have other benefits. It improves concentration and memory, reduces dementia, and of course helps you overcome boredom. 

Well, now that you are aware of these amazing impacts of brain teasers and puzzles on your brain, you might be wondering where you can find them. A lot of such challenging games can be found online. Here is one such game for your bored mind.

Source: In-house Illustrator

Above is a picture of a man and three women. All you have to do from the picture is to guess which woman is the man interested in. Three women with different postures, clothes, and expressions are shown. Now look closely and see if you can find where the sparks are actually flying. 

Have you already figured it out? Seems like it would take you a minute or two. Now that you have an answer in mind, I am going to reveal the correct answer. The correct answer is number 1. 

I am sure some of you might be confused while others might be patting their backs for making the right guess. Look closely and you will see each of these women are showcasing varied body languages. Compare it to the man's body language.

Source: In-house Illustrator

The number 1 woman is standing away from the man with her feet pointed towards him and his legs are pointed towards her. Number 2 and number 3 are looking at the man but their feet are away from him, so are his.

According to Better Help, people are prone to point their feet towards the person they are interested in. When you notice a person with their feet pointed at you, it indicates they are attracted to you. It shows they are present at the moment and would like to continue the interaction with you.

Meanwhile, if you are with a person and their feet are pointed away and towards the exit, it means they are probably thinking of getting rid of you. 

So how much fun that was? Not only did you spent some time away from checking social media but you also learned something interesting out of it. Next time you feel your brain needs to refocus and work out a little bit, browse the internet for more such puzzles. You can also find books that carry these teasers.