5 Behaviours That Could Cost You Your Relationships

5 Behaviours That Could Cost You Your Relationships

you may not even realise you were doing all this until it's too late

Relationships of any kind - friendship, familial, or romantic require a certain balance to work. Some toxic behaviors can end up sabotaging your connection. What makes things worse is that you may not even realize what you were doing until it's too late. Here are 5 such behaviors that could cost you your relationships. 

1. Self-righteousness 

Some people think a little too high of themselves, so much so that they start believing that they are better than everyone. This often leads to them asserting dominance, trying to control everything around them, or constantly putting down others. Instead of gaining the respect they so crave, they end up losing people. 

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2. Selfishness

Relationships require both individuals to put in equal effort, it has to be 'we-centric' instead of 'me-centric'. If one only thinks of themselves and expects things from the other while giving nothing in return, the relationship is bound to fail. Something as simple as understanding the other's preferences or taking in the other's opinions or needs into consideration can become a great contributor to the success of a relationship. 

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3. Perfectionism 

Many people often forget that others are human beings too and having flaws or making mistakes is a part of the profile. What is worse is that often the mistakes perfectionists find rise out of their own high expectations from others that are almost impossible to live up to. There is no better way to push someone away than constantly nitpicking on them. 

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4. Cynicism 

In a world filled with enough confusion and drama, cynicism is the last thing a person would want to entertain. If anything people seek the company of those who lighten the mood and give them hope. Sorrow and disappointments are a part of life but being cynical about something even before experiencing it or giving it a try can be quite putting off. People often tend to move away from such people as there seems to be a sense of the person dragging others down with them.

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5. Concietedness 

Absolutely no one likes someone who brags about themselves, a little is okay but people tend to take it too far. In case you hear a friend complain about a date who never called back after an entire evening of them impressing the date with stories of themselves, you know exactly what went wrong. People want a conversation, they don't want to hear someone with an over-inflated ego go on about themselves. It is a habit considered to be 'universally hated'. 

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