He Had A Vision Of A Li'l Girl Called Chloe When He Was 12 Yrs Old. Decades Later, He & His Wife Adopted A Child Named Chloe

He Had A Vision Of A Li'l Girl Called Chloe When He Was 12 Yrs Old. Decades Later, He & His Wife Adopted A Child Named Chloe

Though life took him through various struggles, he and his wife Annie ended up adopting a child who looked exactly like the little girl he saw in their vision.

We may or may not be believers in vision or destiny, but the story of this couple will let you see that if you believe in something with a pure intention and good heart, it can come true. According to The Epoch Times, a man had a vision of his future daughter when he was just a child. Years later, when he became a dad, he was astonished to find that his child looked like the vision he had as a kid.

Walt Manis was a boy raised on a farm in Arkansas. He was 12 years old when he had a vision of a little girl He saw that she had dark hair and olive eyes. He even knew that her name was Chloe. Though it was a dream, Walt held on to it. Years later, he told about his vivid dream on Youtube. “God gives me a very vivid picture of a little kid,” said Walt on his YouTube video posted by Moving Works. 


Walt met his future wife, Annie, when they were both kids. The two childhood mates were neighbors and enjoyed playing and spending time with each other as kids. Soon enough, their childhood friendship transitioned into love and the couple decided to tie the knot. Though the couple was not looking forward to having children at the beginning of their marriage, a few years later, they decided to start a family. Walt had never mentioned his childhood dream to Annie but he was baffled when he heard that his wife wanted to have a daughter and name her Chloe. 


The man couldn't get over the fact that his childhood bestie mentioned the exact same name that he had given the girl in his vision.  They felt that they were destined to be together with their daughter Chloe. The excited couple awaited the arrival of their princess, their dream. However, the couple was disappointed after four years of trying to become pregnant. Soon they were faced with the harsh reality that they might not be able to become parents. 

Though the couple was shattered by the news, their desire to become parents was really strong that they decided to adopt. Life seemed to become better for Walt and Annie when they received an email from the adoption agency. They were thrilled to become parents and decided to visit the biological mother, Allison, who choose them as the parents of her child. The events that followed was unbelievable. 


Walt and Annie met the mother, and Walt was stunned to see the uncanny resemblance between the girl in his dreams and her. She looked like the adult version of the baby he saw in his childhood dream. But that was not it, Alison told them that she wanted to name her baby, Chloe. Annie, who could not believe what was happening, burst into tears. "I don’t even remember what we did exactly, I just know that I was ugly crying,” said Annie according to The Epoch Times. “We were just floored,” commented Walt. 

Finally, Walt and Annie knew that they were finally going to become parents of their soul daughter, whom they had dreamed of for so long. After decades of anticipation and struggles, the couple finally became parents to Chloe, the child they knew they would meet since they were kids.