Family Unable To 'Afford Christmas' As Mom Of Five Dies On Daughter's Birthday | "Donna, Mummy Is Gonna Pass Away"

Family Unable To 'Afford Christmas' As Mom Of Five Dies On Daughter's Birthday | "Donna, Mummy Is Gonna Pass Away"

The 35-year-old mother passed away just six days after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

Cover Image Source: Facebook | Ellen Louise Francis/Sylvie Wickens

The festive month of Christmas eve is on the edge, but the festivity is damp and distinctively grim for the kids of Ellen Louise Francis, who passed away just six days after her diagnosis of brain cancer.


The “rock” solid 35-year-old mother, left her kids with a huge void that cannot be filled by anything as the most awaited eve month is around the corner. The news shattered the family, as she died on the wedding anniversary of her mother and her daughter Donna-Marie's 12th birthday. The jolt after her passing away has many after-shocks as the family of five kids is surviving on depleting sources and savings.

The savings were mostly consumed in Ellen’s treatment and funerary processions. Ellen's mother Lou told the Mirror disclosing about the emotional crumbling, "To tell a little girl the day before her birthday that her mummy is coming home. She replied 'Yes, mummy's home for my birthday! But I had to tell her 'Donna, mummy is gonna pass away.'”


The loss has left the bereaving family with flickers of fear as the Mirror reports that the funeral cost hugely affected the savings of the family. Ellen had previously had a bout with cancer but emerged victorious from breast cancer. As informed by Ellen's mother to Mirror, Ellen discovered the first lump on her breast in March 2022 which was diagnosed as breast cancer and swiftly led to the initiation of her treatment. After undergoing chemotherapy for about six months, she was reported healthy and about to get free from it. The woes began when Ellen started suffering severe headaches out of nowhere and had to revisit the doctors who diagnosed her with brain cancer. Initially, the doctors told her that it is treatable and would require a few more months to battle it from the root.


But to the dismay of Ellen and her family, the very next she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer with an estimated three to six months of prognosis. Yet in the tragic turn of events, just six days after her diagnosis, Ellen passed away in her sleep at her mother’s place. The 59-year-old maternal grandmother is now in charge of the five children of her deceased daughter with help from their father and other family members. As many of Ellen's children are young, namely Ellie, 17, Donna-Marie, 12, Aaron, 11, Romeo, 7, and Delilah, 4. Lou hopes to keep the truth of Santa hidden from the young kids to keep the spirit of the festivity alive, as their mother would have wanted.


"That little girl's birthday cards were coming through the door but she didn’t open them for two weeks because she wanted to spend all the time with mum," adds Lou talking about her grandchild Donna. 



Cover Image Source: Facebook/ Ellen Louise Francis/ Sylvie Wickens