Family Gets Keys To A 3D Printed Home From Habitat For Humanity: "It's Like A Dream Come True"

Family Gets Keys To A 3D Printed Home From Habitat For Humanity: "It's Like A Dream Come True"

A Williamsburg family gets the keys to a 3D printed home which was built in just 12 hours.It is a dream come true for the family.

Habitat for Humanity delivered their first 3D-printed home to a Williamsburg family just around Christmas. According to the Habitat News Release, this is their first 3D-printed home in the country. CEO of Habitat for Humanity Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg, Janet V. Green, talked to CNN and revealed that they collaborated with a 3D-printing company, Alquist, at the beginning of this year for this project. April Stringfield purchased the house through the Habitat for Humanity Homebuyer Program. The house has been completed just in time for the holidays and Stringfield soon will be living with her son. The three bedrooms and two baths 1,200-square-foot concrete house is extremely beautiful inside-out.




Stringfield put in hundreds of hours of sweat equity to buy the house, which is one of the program's prerequisites for all purchasers. Habitat for Humanity live-streamed the moment the house keys were handed over on their Facebook Page in which Stringfield can be seen with tears of joy. She says, "My son and I are so thankful. I always wanted to be a homeowner. It's like a dream come true." Stringfield told WTKR, "I'm excited to make new memories in Williamsburg and especially in a house, a home. Someplace I can call home and give my son that backyard that he can play in and also for my puppy to run around the yard." 

She has been looking forward to moving into her new home from the beginning of the year. "We live in an apartment, and my son is getting bigger and bigger, and the rooms are getting smaller." Green talks to CNN about how Habitat for Humanity is working on providing housing to low-income groups. He says, "Every Habitat affiliate in the nation and worldwide sells home to partner families who have low to moderate incomes. They must have and maintain good credit and be willing to partner with us." 




The concrete utilized in the 3D construction of the home offers several long-term advantages, including the capacity to maintain warmth and endure natural calamities such as tornadoes and hurricanes. This house also comes with an integrated 3D printer which allows Stringfield to print anything she needs from electrical outlets to doorknobs. Also, Alquist utilized concrete instead of timber to 3D print the walls, saving an estimated 15% per square foot in constructing expenses. With the support of kind sponsors, a community crowdfunding effort, and a charity golf tournament, Habitat for Humanity gathered funding for the home.

Green says, "We’re selling an affordable home to a family four days before Christmas, and at the same time, we’re finding solutions to build more efficient homes." He promises that this might be the first 3D home for Habitat for Humanity but they will continue on their venture to deliver affordable houses to families with good credit. It is a big change for Stringfield from a small apartment to finally a home of her own where she can have a better life with her son.






Cover Image Source: Still from WKTR