Elizabeth Taylor’s Granddaughter Looks Exactly Like Her | She's An AIDS Activist Like The Iconic Actress

Elizabeth Taylor’s Granddaughter Looks Exactly Like Her | She's An AIDS Activist Like The Iconic Actress

Taylor was married eight times and had four children. Her legacy is being carried forward by her grandchildren.

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When it comes to old Hollywood films, Elizabeth Taylor is an icon. Even after her death, she remains a prominent figure in the entertainment world, and her legacy continues to inspire others to this day. 

Taylor was recognized for her work and was nominated for a number of accolades, beginning with her films in the 1950s and continuing until the conclusion of her career, per apost. She was also cast as the lead in Cleopatra (1963 film) starring Richard Burton. Despite the fact that both were married to other people at the time, the two began a love affair, sparking a controversy, reports The Mirror.




Taylor and Burton's relationship was extremely tumultuous—they divorced in 1974, remarried in 1975, and then divorced for the second time in 1976. Apart from Burton, Taylor had eight marriages; she was last married to Larry Fortensky, who she divorced in 1996. She had four children: Liza Todd, Maria Burton, Michael Wilding, Jr., and Christopher Edward Wilding. Taylor also began her charitable efforts in the 1980s, helping to raise awareness about the AIDS crisis.

She hosted the Commitment to Life event for the AIDS Project Los Angeles in 1985, around the time when one of her intimate friends, actor Rock Hudson, died from the disease. The Foundation for AIDS Research was created and co-founded by her. Taylor then founded her own organization, the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF) in 1991, which continues to give direct treatment and assistance to the most vulnerable patients today.



Taylor's legacy lives on, not just via her numerous efforts in Hollywood, but also through her children and grandkids. Taylor's first grandchild, Laela, was born in 1971. Laela spent a lot of time with her grandmother growing up in northern California, including practically every holiday and some Sundays, reports The List. Laela told the outlet, "She was very artistic. She had a great eye."

The 50-year-old lady now lives in Portland, Oregon, with her family and works as a graphic designer. In addition, Laela looks quite similar to her late grandmother, since she is as lovely and mesmerizing as Taylor was. The similarities don't end with the appearance though. She is involved with the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, much like the yesteryear actress. She said, "We are determined to support the legacy of our grandmother and let the world know the foundation is thriving."





Cover Image Credit: Getty Images / Stringer and Getty Images/Amy Sussman / Staff