Disabled Teen Visits Late Mother's Grave To Celebrate Milestone: "I Did It, I Graduated Today!"

Disabled Teen Visits Late Mother's Grave To Celebrate Milestone: "I Did It, I Graduated Today!"

The teen with Down Syndrome took a bouquet and visited his mom's grave on the day of his graduation.

Graduation is a pretty big milestone for a young person and anyone would want to celebrate the special occasion with near and dear ones. One teen managed to get through school and graduate despite not having his special person by his side. His mother had passed away a few years ago but the teen with Down syndrome didn't lose hope. He continued to work hard and do his best in school. So when he graduated he decided to pay tribute to his mother. The sweet teenager wanted to look his best for the big moment so he put on slacks, a long-sleeved collared shirt and a tie to finish the ensemble. He then headed to her grave and went the extra mile by placing a lovely bouquet of yellow flowers for her at her gravestone.


The teen didn’t just leave the beautiful flowers by her gravestone but he also took the time to talk to his mother. “I did it, I graduated today and I know you’d be so proud of me and so happy and I love you so much,” the teen told his mom which was captured on film. The moment is so heartwarming it'll make you want to reach for the tissue box. After speaking to his mother in spirit, he rest the bouquet of flowers against her headstone and even left a kiss for her. He kissed his fingertips and then touched her headstone to show affection for his special person. The boy's sweet gesture is a reminder that sometimes it's important to show gratitude and love even when someone you care about is not around anymore. Many people take their families for granted but this sweet teen is showing us how it's done. Despite his mom not being around to share the moment in person he still honors her in every way he can. It must have been a bittersweet moment for this young man. There's no doubt that it must have been hard to visit her grave on such a happy day for him. But we're glad he did. It's important to share your best moments with people you leave even when they're not around anymore. And as for his mother, we're pretty sure she is definitely looking down on him and is so proud of her wonderful boy and his achievement. 

Representational Image Source: Getty Images/ WHL

The sweet moment was captured on video and many people shared their heartwarming reactions to the boy's wonderful gesture. One person wrote in the comments: This young man is lovely, I bet your mother was cheering you on from heaven buddy. You did great, congratulations on your graduation. Another added: With a younger sister with special needs I cant help crying watching this. Im sure she's so proud of him. I hope this sweet young man has a long and happy life. A third shared: Make your mom proud and never let anything stand in your way. One challenge down, many more to come. You will do great things.

Check out the sweet video below!