Teenager Beats Helpless 91-year-old WWII Veteran To Death & Sets His House On Fire

Teenager Beats Helpless 91-year-old WWII Veteran To Death & Sets His House On Fire

George Steward IV said he regretted his actions during the sentence.

Trigger warning: This story contains graphic details that might be disturbing to some readers. 

One senior citizen hoped for a peaceful death but the way his life ended would horrify anyone. 91-year-old Paul Monchnik was a World War II veteran who worked as a television repairman for over 50 years.

The elderly man from Detriot thrived until he met with an unexpected ending to his life. Monchnik was brutally killed by his 18-year-old neighbor, George Steward IV in a gruesome incident. The young man beat the elderly to death and later, set the house on fire. 


According to Detroit News, the man entered the elderly's house to steal. However, he ended up assaulting Monchnik. Following the brutal assault, he decided to burn down the house with gasoline. Monchnik's body was found in a pool of blood with severe burns and a head injury. 

On being convicted of the heinous crime, the man was sentenced to 30-60 years in prison. During the hearing, Stewart expressed his regret and stated, "Each and every day I wish I could take it back. No one should be able to leave this world like that. I’m sorry for the loss I caused their family, for the heartache I put in their hearts. Hopefully one day they can find it in their hearts to forgive me," according to the Detroit News. 


Meanwhile, the family of the perpetrator stated that Stewart had never caused any trouble before committing this murder. “I feel sorry for the family and for my family as well because we are all going through. I know he honestly feels terrible about what happened," said Stewart's sister, Taige Steward. They also stated that the young man was far from the "monster" he was labeled to be. 

The senior citizen's family, on the other hand, condemned the incident. "This man (Steward) has created a hole in all of us that is filled with anger and hatred, fear, and loss. You have taken something that was not yours to take," said Monchnik's son, Scott. He also added that his father hoped to celebrate his 100th birthday. 

Prosecutor Kym Worthy stated, “The word ‘heinous’ does not even begin to describe this crime."

The terrible incident has left Monchnik's family in shock and despair. Scott stated, "His life was brutally taken from us by a monster. The terrible sickening feeling I get thinking that my dad’s last hour on Earth was filled with horror and pain, worse than anything he went through in the war." He added, "These neighbors, actually, have been helping my dad for years. So I’m really having a hard time getting my head around the idea that someone from their family was involved," according to USA Today


He continued, "But I’m very glad they went to the police. And I’m very glad that this person is off the streets, so he cannot do harm to anybody else."

Meanwhile, a family friend of Steward, Tyrone Davison stated, "It’s an unfortunate situation on both sides. I think it’s more to the story than what’s been told.”