Daughter Discovers A Life-Changing Dark Secret After Father Gifts Entire Family An Ancestory Test

Daughter Discovers A Life-Changing Dark Secret After Father Gifts Entire Family An Ancestory Test

The gift that changed their lives forever.

Gifting DNA tests to your loved one is a trend these days. One may wonder what's so fascinating about it? Well, it gives you insight into your ancestors and bloodline that you may not be aware of at all. The downside of this, however, is that you may end up discovering something about your family that you probably wished you didn't, like TikToker Cat Mcdonald (@fretlessfeline) who got to know that the man she had been calling dad all along wasn't even her actual father. 

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Cat took pride in being Irish as her surname suggested,"(I) identified as Irish because my last name's McDonald and my hair is bright f***ing red," she said. A clip that has gone viral with over 3.7 million views on social media shows Cat explaining how her father came up with the "brilliant idea" to gift the entire family a DNA test. The test revealed that she is 75 percent Norwegian and the rest is German and British - not Irish at all, much to her surprise and confusion. She calls her dad and tells him "guess what? I'm not Irish at all."

Her dad, who is now equally as confused as her, makes her log into her account and see if she had any DNA matches. "I had an exact paternal match - it just wasn't him," she revealed. Cat then decides to call her mom and two of her aunts, "everyone including my mother was f***ing shook, but even my dad recognised the name," she said. 

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Turns out her biological father was an old family friend whom the family knew very well. Cat says she was grateful for the life she had but she wasn't going to let this go. "I smell bulls*** so I Googled this dude's name and he is a billionaire. He is the CEO of a major company and his three daughters work for him, and naturally, like the unstable millennial that I am, I drive halfway across the country to his corporate office," Cat said. 

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"I tried to give him a letter but when he heard my name he refused to meet with me.
Basically, all it really said was 'thank you' because I'm really happy to be alive. You all know as much as I do and at this point, I want more answers," she further added. 
The video has since received more than 10,000 comments from shocked viewers who also seem to suggest that her dad knew something was up." He deffo suspects," a user wrote, while another said, "No no, he knew something was up. You don't gift a whole FAMILY DNA kits unless somethings up." We don't know whether the father was trying to prove something or not but her life will certainly never be the same. Some users even advised her to connect with her biological sisters if her 'real' dad wasn't ready to face her. 

Well, now that's a gift that didn't go down very well, did it? What do you think?