Dad, 2 Sons Die in Christmas Morning House Fire While Mom and Oldest Child Escaped With Injuries

Dad, 2 Sons Die in Christmas Morning House Fire While Mom and Oldest Child Escaped With Injuries

It is believed that the Christmas tree likely fueled the fatal house fire in Pennsylvania.

A house fire tore through the home of the King family at 1:22 a.m on Christmas morning. Eric King, 41, and two of his sons Patrick, 8, Liam, 11 as well as their two dogs have died while wife Kristin and the couple’s oldest son 13-year-old Brady were able to escape the flames. The two surviving members of the fire were treated at the hospital for smoke inhalation. The family's entire home was destroyed by the fire.



 A GoFundMe set up for the family reads: Eric and Kristin were high school sweethearts and the happiest people you will have ever met. They were always smiling and full of positive spirits, you just couldn’t help but to love them. The three boys, Eric and Kristin were all a huge part of the Quakertown Youth Baseball Association and spent their days and nights at the baseball fields. The Quakertown community will be deeply impacted by this great loss. Please help Brady and Kristin feel the love and support of the community as they deal with healing from this horrific tragedy.



NBC 10 Philadelphia reports that the fire started in the area near the Christmas tree and its lighting but officials say the investigation into the official cause is ongoing. According to The Washington Post, the family was asleep when the fire started in the early hours of Christmas Day. By the time firefighters arrived on the scene and managed to put out the fire, the two-story house had been reduced to a blackened shell. The inferno that tore through the house sparked around 1:20 a.m. Saturday near the live Christmas tree, as per Fire Marshal Douglas Wilhelm. 

A tree can become a fire hazard once dried out and can rapidly go up in flames that then spread through a home. Although these fires are not that common when they do occur they are more likely to be serious.



Neighbor Jacob Kratz who lives nearby told FOX 29,  "It was horrible hearing about it." He added, "It’s sad. This didn’t have to happen. It’s a tragedy." The boys attended Richland Elementary School. "This news is devastating for the District community and the Quakertown area at large," the local school district said in a statement. "Eric and Kristin are very active in the community, and the kind of people who make this a special place to live and attend school. The School District sends its heartfelt sympathy to the King family and their many friends and relatives."



The family was also involved in baseball. The president of the Quakertown Youth Baseball Association told that Eric King “had an infectious personality — very fun-loving. Loved to laugh.” As a baseball coach  for about eight years, he was committed to ensuring the kids had fun, “because if they’re not enjoying it, why do it?” Quakertown Community School District Superintendent Bill Harner described the King family as “the kind of people who make this a special place to live and attend school.” “We are truly blessed to be a part of a wonderful community that is rich with faith, hope and love,” Harner wrote in his statement. “It is certainly a day to remember these blessings and time to hold close those we love.”








Cover Image Source: GoFundMe | The King Family