Couple From Wickham Welcomes Son After Eight Miscarriges I “It Was Just the Miracle”

Couple From Wickham Welcomes Son After Eight Miscarriges I “It Was Just the Miracle”

Clarissa Morris, 33, and her husband welcomes a baby boy after 13 years of trying for a child.

The Morris family is celebrating their first Christmas as a family after welcoming a baby boy on December 17 this year. Clarrisa, 33, had suffered 13 miscarriages and a stillbirth before giving birth to her son which was nothing short of a miracle. She tells Metro UK, "We tried for years and years naturally to have a baby. We did originally conceive quite a few times, but we just had multiple miscarriages and never got past six weeks." Clarissa and her husband, Dave, are residents of Wickham, Australia, have named their son Oliver and are extremely happy as they got the Christmas gift they have always wanted in the form of their own child. Their son was born after only one round of ICSI IVF, at St John of God Murdoch Hospital and weighed 6lb 7oz, per Daily Mail. 



Morris told about the procedure, "We eventually had tests done and worked out that one of my tubes was blocked and the fluids were coming back into my uterus, and it was basically like poison." She added, "I had my tube removed, and then we found out that we also had male factor fertility issues." She specified that her husband's fertility might have been affected by the profession he pursues as it involved prolonged exposure to excess heat. Morris was then advised to go forwards with ICSI IVF which involved directly injecting the sperm into her embryo. However, this procedure too wasn't free of complications for the couple.




She says, "We did a full round of IVF and unfortunately, we didn't have any embryos make it to freeze." Despite all the complications, luck was in their favor as they were able to transfer a fresh embryo and just two weeks later they found out they were pregnant. Morris expresses this delightful feeling and she says, "When I found out I was pregnant it was probably the best feeling I had ever felt in the world, second to holding him for the first time." The road down parenthood is still hard for these new parents as their son Oliver developed breathing complications just after birth. 



Metro UK reports that their son was born prematurely three weeks before he was due. He was intubated immediately after birth as his oxygen dropped to 20% at one point. Morris adds, "He was worked on by nurses and doctors for three hours to stabilize him. Once he was stabilized, they had the NETS team, which is the Neonatal Emergency Transport Service, come in and pop him in their neonatal ambulance." She was able to hold her son after 30 hours of giving birth and describes the experience as nothing less than magical. The Morris couple is fighting these challenges with regained strength and can't wait to take their baby boy home. 

According to Metro UK, he is currently fed through a gastric tube as he still hasn't developed suck reflux. The family spent their Christmas in NICU where Oliver is currently under observation. Clarissa says, "We’ll be celebrating Christmas once he comes out of hospital, and we’ll give him all his presents. It was just the miracle of knowing that it had worked, it had actually worked for us. "




Cover Image Source: Clarissa Morris/Carters News