30 July, 2021

Bella Hadid Is The World's Most Beautiful Woman, According To Science

Shruti Menon

Jennifer Aniston Shares Her Biggest Regret From Marriage To Brad Pitt: "I Put His Needs Before Mine"

Her Town Joked When 17-Yr-Old Alaskan Swimmer Trained With Whales. Now She's Won An Olympic Gold

She Fled War In Syria As A Teen, Swam For Hours & Saved Every Person On A Sinking Boat, Today She's At The Olympics

Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Reveal That They Don't Bathe Themselves Or Their Kids Very Often

Al Roker And Wife Deborah Roberts Are All Smiles In Rare Intimate Photo

Prince Harry Writing Intimate Memoir: "I'm Writing This Not As The Prince I Was Born But As The Man I've Become"


16 July, 2021

Suzanne Somers Talking About Her Sex Life As An Older Woman Is So Important

Shilpa Das Gupta

Gillian Anderson Says She's Had Enough Of Bras: "I Don't Care If My Breasts Reach My Belly Button"

Judy Garland's Long-Lost 'Wizard of Oz' Dress Found Decades Later At University Drama Department

Chris Evans Says "I Want A Wife, I Want Kids" Because Captain America Also Gets Lonely At Times

Jada Pinkett Smith Shaves Her Head And You'll Love It: "Willow Made Me Do It"

Food Network's Valerie Bertinelli Breaks Down In Emotional Post After Being Body-Shamed

Angelina Jolie Once Tried To Hire A Hitman To Kill Her During A "Rather Bleak" Time In Her Life


12 July, 2021

Bradley Cooper Moved In With His Mom After His Dad's Death So She Wouldn't Have To Grieve Alone

sethuraman s

Kevin Bacon And Kyra Sedgwick Celebrate 32 Years of Marriage: "We Just Got Lucky"

You Can Now Holiday In A Giant Wine Barrel At This 116-Year-Old Vineyard And It's Beautiful

Sylvester Stallone Turns 75, Says His "Wonderful Family Is the Best Birthday Present"

Caitlyn Jenner Says We Should Just Put Homeless People In "Big Open Fields"

Britney Spears Called 911 To Report Abuse A Day Before Her Shocking Testimony, Reveals Report

The Entire Kennedy Family Gathers For Annual Fourth Of July Photo