Catherine Zeta-Jones Never Gave Up On Her Stepson Cameron Douglas During His Darkest Days, Keeping The Family Together

Catherine Zeta-Jones Never Gave Up On Her Stepson Cameron Douglas During His Darkest Days, Keeping The Family Together

Catherine Zeta-Jones took the role of a friend and helped Cameron grow and find the focus he needed to succeed in life.

Stepmothers may not always be able to replace the actual mother, but there are who play such an important role in the life of their stepchildren that they can potentially shape their path ahead. They can motivate and believe in you, helping you be the best possible version of yourself. Even when the odds seem to be stacked against you, having their support can make all the difference in the world. Catherine Zeta-Jones is such a stepmother.

The Welsh actress fell in love with a much older Michael Douglas and came into the life of his only son, Cameron Douglas, who was just ten years younger than her. However, as was apparent years later, this was hardly a problem when it came to offering the motherly support that Cameron needed during the dark, difficult times in his life.


According to E!online, Catherine Zeta-Jones met Michael when she was 29 years old at the Deauville Film Festival. Though she was just 10 years elder to Michael's son Cameron from his previous marriage, they were able to share a loving bond.

Years later, Cameron opened up about his stepmother and her contributions in getting the family together as a unit. Recalling her entry into the family, Cameron revealed that the Welsh actress was kind enough to accommodate him even though he was not her child. "When she came into our family it could so easily have gone another way. You hear stories all the time about the younger stepmother pushing away the kids from a previous marriage," said the 40-year-old to Daily Mail.

"But from the first day I met her, she said, 'I want us to be friends and I want you to know that you are a huge part of our family and are welcome any time,'" he added. From then on, Zeta-Jones became the binding factor in the family that helped strengthen the bonds in the family, especially between Cameron and his father.



Cameron did not have a very stable relationship with his father, Michael Douglas. Caught up with the struggles of being identified as a huge star's son, Cameron strayed away. He fell into the spiraling habit of drug abuse and dealings. At the age of 31, he landed himself in prison with a 5-year sentence for conspiring to sell drugs. These issues had a profound impact on the relationship he shared with his father. However, Cameron always found the strength and courage from his stepmother.

"She has been as good as her word. Dad and I have had our ups and downs over the years but Catherine is someone who has cemented the family together," revealed Cameron.


Talking about his imprisonment days and the support of his family, Cameron thanked his stepmother for keeping the trust in him. "I lived a nightmare for seven years but the love of my family never wavered. She never gives up on anything and she didn’t quit on me. The love of my family got me through my darkest days," said Cameron to Mirror Online

Not only did she just trust him but she also made sure Cameron was able to overcome his insecurities of belonging to a famous Hollywood family with a very successful father. She inspired him to be his very own person and empowered him to find his way in life.

"One day, I told Catherine how sometimes it was hard always being referred to as 'Michael Douglas’s son' and she said, 'Well your dad says the same thing. For years he was Kirk Douglas’s son.' He’s proved it is possible to break away from that and make your own way in the world and that’s what I’m trying to do," said Cameron, who was released from prison in August 2016.


Cameron is now focused on his career and has even become a responsible family man. He told Daily Mail that he often spends quality time with Catherine, his father and their two kids Dylan and Carys. "I’ve spent a lot of time there with Dad, Catherine and the kids. In Bermuda, there’s no Hollywood bull***t. Catherine doesn’t wear make-up, she’s just a normal mum... Often she’ll join Dad and me on the sofa and watch an American football game," said Cameron.

"I love being the big brother to all the younger ones. Now I want to be a role model. I’m in the best place I’ve ever been. It’s taken me some time but I’ve finally got there," he added. Cameron is now in a great place in his life and feels lucky to have found that purpose and stability with the help of his stepmother, Catherine Zeta-Jones.



Apart from praising Zeta-Jones in interviews, Cameron is also seen appreciating her on social media. On Mother's Day, Cameron wrote, "Happy #MothersDay to yet another incredible woman and mother in my life @catherinezetajones." It is no doubt they share an incredibly strong bond. The actress is also seen taking the role of a grandmother for Cameron's daughter, Lua Izzy Douglas.