Michael Douglas Celebrates 22nd Wedding Anniversary With Adorable Throwback Photo Of 'Darling' Catherine Zeta-Jones

Michael Douglas Celebrates 22nd Wedding Anniversary With Adorable Throwback Photo Of 'Darling' Catherine Zeta-Jones

The Hollywood lovely couple has been married since 2000 and is celebrating 22 years of marriage.

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Michael Douglas celebrated the 22nd anniversary of his beautiful, strong marriage to Catherine Zeta-Jones, a Welsh actress, in an adorable Instagram post. The 72-year-old Academy Award winner seems to be reminiscing of the couple's younger days as he posted an adorable picture of them as newlyweds. "Happy Anniversary to my darling Catherine! I love you so much," Douglas wrote. Zeta-Jones was not too far behind on the romance, as she also captioned a picture of the two kissing with an important message, "22 years and one day! It’s in the fine details.. love you sweetheart. Happy Anniversary."

The couple, who has been together for over two decades now, met in 1998 at Deauville Film Festival in France in August and married on November 18, 2000, at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Dylan Michael Douglas, 22, and Carys Zeta Douglas, 19, are their two children.



Apart from their shared birthday on September 25, the power couple also share values with one another. In an interview with PEOPLE, Zeta talked about her family and said she is blessed to have them. The actress said “Well first of all, husband Michael is very happy that this is my date! A collaboration between the two of us, the gift that keeps on giving.” The actress also noted that her daughters have been a huge support. She described her relationship with her daughters “very close.” "Both my daughter and Dylan have been so incredibly supportive to me, not just as an actor, but just me, you know," she says. "I've been extremely blessed to be able to have both in my life."



Like any other mother, Zela-Jones is simply pleased that her son "actually wants" to spend time with both of his parents.  "It's just fun to see what they do for a living," Dylan adds about his parent's Hollywood careers. "I mean, you see them on the screen, but of course that's just the color-fied, edited version." Noting that her son hasn't appeared in PEOPLE since he was "a baby in arms," the mother-son team admit that they are sharing this special occasion with him now that he is an adult. "It's cool to see how, you know, you meet people, talk to people, how they act, and you know, see if maybe one day I want to do that," Dylan tells PEOPLE. "So it's very cool."


Representative Image Source:  Michael Douglas arrives with his children and his wife Welsh actress Catherine Zeta Jones before receiving the Genesis Prize from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at The Jerusalem Theater on June 18, 2015 in Jerusalem, Israel. (Photo by Ilia Yefimovich/Getty Images for Genesis Prize Foundation)
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The power couple celebrated another orbit around the sun earlier this year with a big birthday cake on September 25, their shared birthday. The multi-tiered dessert was frosted, florally embellished, and topped with two candles that together formed the number 25. Using the caption, Douglas shared a picture of the married couple blowing out birthday candles "Thank you all for the kind birthday messages! We love you all 🎂 ❤️."

When the couple first met in 1998 at the Deauville Film Festival, Douglas reportedly struck out, per PEOPLE. While Douglas was promoting A Perfect Murder, Zeta-Jones was promoting The Mask of Zorro. Douglas revealed that he had seen Zeta-Jones in her role as Elena Montero and had asked his publicist to set up a meeting during an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show in 2016. "I met her in the bar and was a total gentleman," Douglas said. He recalled asking her, "By chance do you want to come back and have a nightcap?" When Zeta-Jones met him later that night, he told her, "You know, I'm going to be the father of your children."
According to Douglas, she responded, "You know I've heard a lot about you, and I've seen a lot about you, and I think it's time that I say goodnight."


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