Brothers Separated by Foster Care Reunited by a Stranger | "I go home"

Brothers Separated by Foster Care Reunited by a Stranger | "I go home"

Dr. Robert Beck adopted two brothers who were separated while being under Child Protective Custody.

Tre, 11 and Ke'lynn 8, are brothers who had an unbreakable relationship that made them inseparable whenever they were together. However, they did not live in the same house for several years and only got to see each other ocassionally, reports Goalcast.

The young boys had been in Child Protective Custody in Texas for over 4 years in order to recover from family trauma. They lived in different foster homes for practically the whole period. They barely saw each other once a month and had to be forcibly separated after each sad visit. Ka’lynn told WFAA, "I want to see him everyday and I don't." When asked what his one and only desire was, Tre simply stated that he wanted his brother to "live with him."



All their wishes came true when Dr. Robert Beck heard the boys' story on the Wednesday’s Child Report by WFF in October, 2018. He was moved and wanted to do anything he can to reunite the brothers and give them a home. He spoke to WFAA, "I was crying mostly because it just pulled at my heartstrings, and I felt an instant connection with the boys, and I said I’ve got to figure out a way to get these boys in my home and learn more about them."

Beck took the two boys home with him even before the offcial adoption procedure was completed. When the long-awaited day had finally arrived, he escorted the youngsters to the North Texas courthouse, telling them it was to shoot photographs. He wanted to surprise them with the news that they were going to be officially adopted on July 18, 2018.



Beck and his new boys enjoyed their first group hug as soon as the news was publicly disclosed. The two brothers were now members of a family and they will go back to their home, together. Tre said, "We got adopted today, and I feel good."

Beck claims that providing a home for Tre and Ke'lynn is also as special for him as it is for the two brothers. He says,"Just being able to give them a forever home and know that they’re forever mine is just super special."

The brothers were completely ovwewhelmed when Beck announced that they are officially getting adopted. Tre's solution to the question of what happens next while talking to WFAA was so straightforward. "I go home," he remarked, his grin wide.

Beck also adopted another child who was also featured on Wednesday’s Child Report. When Ke'Lynn was asked whether he was happy, he grinned and responded, "Yes." It was clear that the boys had progressed from surviving to thriving over the few months with Beck.




Cover Image Source: Still from WFAA