Bride Wears Her Grandmother's Wedding Dress That's Been In The Basement For 60 Years

Bride Wears Her Grandmother's Wedding Dress That's Been In The Basement For 60 Years

A Massachusetts woman wore her grandmother's wedding dress from 1961 on her big day and it fit like a glove.

Looks like one Massachusetts bride found an incredibly special "something old" and "something borrowed" for her special day. Allie Livingwater married her partner Timothy at Turners Falls on September 25. The 23-year-old looked lovely in a beautiful white lace gown which was first worn by her grandmother way back in 1961. The 88-year-old Anne Cooke "couldn't believe" that her granddaughter had chosen to wear her old gown. "She stored it in an old bag because she didn't think it was anything 'special.' But to me, it was," Livingwater said according to Mercury Press as per PEOPLE.


While the gown lay in the basement for 60 years, all it needed was a quick cleaning and it was as good as new. What was more amazing was that when Livingwater tried it on, it fit perfectly! "My grandma couldn't believe she was the same size as me," the bride beamed. "I definitely think the dress has brought us even closer together." Weddings are already an emotional occasion but for this family, it turned out to be even more so. Livingwater never met her grandpa as Cooke's husband of 38 years passed away before she was born. But the young bride knows "they had a successful, long and happy marriage," Livingwater said. "So it felt like the dress paved the way for my marriage." The 88-year-old couldn't hold back her emotions when she saw her granddaughter wear her special dress.  "She was tearing up when she saw me for the first time on my big day," Livingwater said. "It was an incredible moment that I will treasure forever." Everyone was moved by the special moment including the newlywed's father George Cooke, 57, who also got choked up. "My dad was over the moon as his mum had worn the dress to marry his dad," she said. The dress definitely made the occasion all the more special. "Everyone was complimenting me and thought it was a lovely gesture," she added.

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According to The Daily Mail, Livingwater grew up with her grandma after her husband passed away after 38 years of marriage, and although the grandmother remarried the gown still brings back old memories. "The dress is obviously sentimental to me as she wore it to my marry my granddad," she shared. The bride managed to save $2,000 because she didn't have to buy a new one. The dress hardly needed any alterations; just her hoop skirt underneath the gown and a veil. The minute she saw the dress for the first time in 2016, she knew it was something special. She said, "I fell in love with how the dress looked from the moment I had seen it. So it was a no-brainer for me to wear it. But if I was going to buy my own, it would have been $2,000 so it's great to have saved some money whilst creating special memories."  People online also shared their thoughts on the gesture calling it a sentimental occassion. One Twitter user said: Beautiful dress, beautiful brides... And we couldn't agree more!