Bride Wants Each Guest to Spend Atleast $400 on Her Wedding Gifts

Bride Wants Each Guest to Spend Atleast $400 on Her Wedding Gifts

She goes on to include pricey designer bags, expensive clothes, and demanding gift cards to luxury stores.

It's customary for a newlywed couple to receive presents from their guests on their wedding day. However, some people have their own expectations and unique approaches to wedding gifts. Some people create a wedding register to let visitors know what they need, while others ask everyone to gift anything they want. Many couples create wedding registries to assist visitors in ensuring that they are not purchasing items for the wedded couple that they will not use or desire. It may be quite useful for the guests too. However a Reddit user, r/ChoosingBeggars revealed a distinct and high-priced registry that she received, reports Crafty Diply. The Bride offered an expensive registry that has gifts ranging from $400 and above.




The list seems normal at first asking all the guests to confirm their presence on the wedding day. However, she went ahead and provided a list of gifts and said that all guests must choose from her registry and talk to her before making any changes. She goes on to include pricey designer bags, expensive clothes, and demanding gift cards to luxury stores. She specified that every gift should cost at least $400.

She also added tiles for her house floor, a car, and many other items that are extremely pricey and absurd. To take things to an extreme stretch, she also asked for expensive decorations and paintings for her house. "Any HIGH CLASS paintings or decorations totaling $400 or more." Regarding beauty products, she specified, "Any Korean or Asian beauty products totalling $400 or more."




Reddit users came up to speak against this greedy and demanding behavior of the bride. A user, el_polar_bear, wrote, "I'd just tell her straight up that her behavior is reprehensible and I don't want to come. Or more likely, I'd ask her fiance if he'd seen the post and that it's why I'm not coming." Another commented, "Lol, "first come, first serve" as if people would be fighting over each other's to buy her gifts." People are stunned by the unreasonable demands of this bride and say that people should just invite themselves from the wedding. "I really hope that everyone invited to the wedding thinks the exact same thing so every present they go to open is a bumper sticker or some car item that costs less than $5 😂," a user, 2felicia8616 wrote.

The 38 comments on the Facebook screenshot apraked curiosity among Reddit users. However, the name and account of the Bride was kept anonymous. Users demanded that they want to know those comments and the spreadsheet of the gifts that the bride mentioned in her post. However, no further information was revealed on this reddit thread.






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