Bride Leaves Empty Seat For Late Son, Is Left In Tears When She Sees Who Show Up

Bride Leaves Empty Seat For Late Son, Is Left In Tears When She Sees Who Show Up

Years before her special day, Becky was blessed with a boy who tragically passed away at the age of 19.

It was a special day for bride Becky, who was marrying the man of her dreams, Kelly. She truly found a gem of a man, who had planned a heartwarming surprise that his partner would cherish all her life. Years before her special day, Becky was blessed with a boy who tragically passed away at the age of 19. At the time, his heart, along with his other organs, was donated to patients in need. With the loss of her child, the mother had lost a part of herself but she soldiered on and met Kelly. Two years later she was walking down the aisle to spend the rest of her life with him.


Becky and Kelly had reserved an empty seat at their wedding ceremony to honor the memory of her late son. There was a sign on the seat the read, "I'm in heaven for your wedding so what shall I do? I'll come down to earth to spend it with you. So save me a seat, just one empty chair. You may not see me but I will be there." While the message was extremely touching, Kelly had something even more touching in his mind and when Becky saw it she was left in tears. 


Right before the wedding, the groom told Becky that there was someone she just had to meet before walking down the aisle. That's when a 21-year-old man named Jacob appeared and it just took Becky a few moments to realize who he was. Her son's heart was donated to Jacob and he had flown all the way from San Diego just to attend her special day. The beautiful bride could not help but break down into tears. Recalling the moment she saw Jacob she told Mirror, "At that moment, I just lost it. If my brother-in-law hadn't been holding my hand, I would have fallen down." She began jumping up and down with excitement. "I lost my mind. I squealed like a little girl. I jumped up and down. It was incredible," she told TODAY


Becky also got a chance to listen to her late son's heartbeat with a stethoscope and the moment was captured by their wedding photographer and owner of Love Adventured, Amber Lanphier, according to PEOPLE. "I’ve never ever been surprised like that, like ever. I’m the girl who secretly unwraps all the Christmas presents under the tree and puts them back. So for him to pull this off was just incredible," she said. Meanwhile, Kelly admitted that it took months of planning and "some trickery" to pull off the surprise. "I began planning her surprise with Jacob about four to five months earlier. He is an amazing young man. We encourage everyone to please become an organ donor. It saves lives and changed ours forever," he told BBC


There was not a dry eye at the ceremony after Becky saw Jacob and Kelly recalled being "yelled at quite a bit for messing up people’s makeup." Like Kelly, Jacob too was overcome with emotions. Describing the day as "so unrealistic, so heart-warming, and incredibly emotional," he said, "But overall, it has been all love and two families joining together." Becky thanked the young man for traveling over 3,000 miles just to surprise her. "Hands down the best gift... most amazing surprise ever. Thank you for caring for Triston's heart. Thank you for being here," she said.


When her story was shared on Facebook, it immediately went viral. Kelly's beautiful gesture touched everyone and many lauded the groom as well as Kelly for helping others by donating her son's organs. "God bless you and your family. Touching in every way my heart, as well as my eyes, tear up and a smile came across my face. Thank you for your gift of life there should be more of you in the world. Donating our loved ones' organs is very awesome," wrote Janet Jackson. "What an astonishing moment and a profoundly beautiful thing for her Husband to do. What a great man," expressed Stefani Joy.












Cover image source: Facebook | Love Adventured