Babysitter Gets Caught On Camera Beating A 5YO To Death For Peeing His Pants

Babysitter Gets Caught On Camera Beating A 5YO To Death For Peeing His Pants

The abuse was caught on cameras set up by the father after the boy's 7YO sister told the parents that the babysitter was hurting him.

A 5-year-old boy was brutally beaten to death by his babysitter after he wet himself. The boy died after suffering a fractured skull, bleeding in the brain, and damage to his spleen, liver, pancreas, and intestines, according to police who released harrowing details of how it all took place, reported Newsner

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The babysitter Laurren J. Courtney, 22, now faces a first-degree murder charge and eight counts related to child abuse. Her actions were caught on the cameras Ryan’s dad had installed in their home after their 7-year-old daughter said Laurren was hurting her brother.

Courtney had apparently been babysitting the children regularly since August and even knew that the children’s father Kaiea Peralto had installed cameras in the house. The video, which has not been released, showed Courtney severely beating little Ryan for well over 2 minutes. “Officers were able to view video surveillance on an app from Kaiea’s phone. Officers observed (Courtney) pulling Ryan by one arm through the doorway of the bathroom. Lauren states ‘I know you are faking it,'” 8 News Now reported, according to Newsner.

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“(Courtney) is observed kicking Ryan in the face with her foot, punching his face, and slap his chest. (Courtney) then takes off Ryan’s underwear and drags him into the shower," the news station further said, citing the police report. It was further reported that Courtney was angry that the boy had urinated on himself and had shoved Ryan probably “harder” than she should have which to lead him to hit his head on the floor, as per the police statements.
The report pointed out that Ryan didn't seem to respond even as he was being kicked. In the footage, Courtney could be seen striking him several times and screaming at him, before letting him fall and hit his head. Towards the end of the footage, the boy is heard crying and moaning in pain, while Courtney just turns on the shower and leaves the room, the Daily Mail reported, according to Newsner

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The whole incident came to light when his dad checked the surveillance cameras using his cellphone and saw his son lying motionless on the couch. When he arrived home, his wife was also at the house with the babysitter, who then left as he arrived to get food for herself and her boyfriend. Apparently, Courtney showed no emotion when she was told that the boy may not survive, according to the police. She now claims that she is suffering from mental health issues. Courtney is currently being held at the county jail without bail and is due back in court on May 18. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the grieving family with medical and funeral costs. “He was a loving, gentle, and adorable little boy whose life was taken away from us much too soon,” Kalena Duarte wrote on behalf of Kaiea Peralto, according to Newsner