Baby Lion Cub's Legs Were Broken To Prevent Him From Running Away So Tourists Could Take Pictures

Baby Lion Cub's Legs Were Broken To Prevent Him From Running Away So Tourists Could Take Pictures

People seem to be going to sickening lengths just for a photo with an animal.

Trigger Warning: This story contains details of animal abuse that may be distressing to readers.

A helpless baby lion had its hind legs broken so that the innocent animal couldn't run away from tourists taking pictures on Russian beaches. The lion cub was just a few weeks old when he was separated from his mother. He was taken away and forced to pose for pictures with tourists. As the lion got older, his legs were broken so he couldn't escape. The animal was in such a horrible condition that he fell after being "tortured and beaten" by his minders. This badly injured his spine and drove him close to death. Since he was no longer "useful," he was dumped tethered in a dirty, cold barn in the Russian region of Dagestan, reports The Metro



"He was practically not fed, and for some reason in the frost water was constantly poured over him," said Yulia Ageeva, who led a rescue mission to save the innocent animal. "This was a real hell." The lion cub was flown to specialist vet Karen Dallakya, who said the animal had suffered "an ocean of pain from humans. Evil photographers break bones like this so that wild predators cannot escape and behave calmly for pictures [with tourists]."



The animal was named Simba and under the care of people trying to save him. He had suffered pressure sores, intestinal obstructions, and atrophy of the muscles of the hind limbs. Slowly the animal was able to learn how to walk again. The vet said the cub’s gradual recovery was a "miracle". Meanwhile, the photographer who worked with Simba last summer in Sochi had denied he had ever tortured the animal. He claimed that he gave the cub to new owners.



According to Bored Panda, the person that saved Simba, Karen Dallakya, rescues hundreds of animals from horrible conditions. He helps them regain their strength and gets them back to health with food, shelter, and, most importantly, the love and kindness they deserve. He takes care of all kinds of animals like tigers, hedgehogs, snakes, and birds. The Sun reports that Yulia, who headed the operation to save Simba, decided that Tanzania was the right place for Simba. “The rehabilitation centre we selected employs highly trained, kind, animal-loving doctors who will take care of Simba 24/7,” she said. "It is located in a beautiful area where elephants, zebras, caracals, servals and other fauna live near Mount Kilimanjaro.”





Many social media users were outraged by the treatment of an animal that is meant to be a majestic creature. One person said: That poor innocent creature, look how he is unable to stand and is forced to soil himself. How can tourists think that is ok to be photographed with a hurt and crippled animal? Do they question nothing? Another added: How can this be acceptable in any society all for a bloody tourist pic. Fortunately through the incredible efforts of people working tirelessly to help rescue animals from horrifying situations, Simba, no doubt, is in a much better place than he was.