Autistic Girl Bullied In School Has Higher IQ Than Einstein And Is Now Completing 2 Degrees In Engineering

Autistic Girl Bullied In School Has Higher IQ Than Einstein And Is Now Completing 2 Degrees In Engineering

The youngster plans on becoming a scientist and an astronaut at NASA.

Source: Twitter/RicardoBSalinas

Editor's note: This article was originally published on July 2, 2021. It has since been updated.

Two years ago, when Adhara Pérez Sánchez was just 8 years old, she made the news of being a child genius. Sanchez has an incredibly high IQ—so much so that it is even higher than Einstein and Stephen Hawking! According to Goal Cast, Sanchez was diagnosed with autism at age 3. A year later, she suffered a seizure that nearly left her in a coma. This resulted in the little girl losing her ability to use her hands for a year. But she was determined to bounce back and with the help of physical therapy, she was getting better. “Still, she never gave up. In fact, she looked to one of her heroes for guidance." “Adhara followed the example of Stephen Hawking; she said that despite having a disability, that didn’t keep him from achieving great things. She will always admire him because she likes black holes,” shared her mom, Nayeli Sanchez.



The youngster was also taunted in school because kids thought her to be "different." Her mom recalled, “Adhara was bullied in school, and kids thought she was ‘weird,’ but that too left her in good company. When Albert Einstein was young, they didn’t believe in him; they thought his ideas were foolish, but with time he proved them and that is the reason why Adhara likes this character.” At just 8 years old, she began studying for two engineering degrees! She hopes to be a scientist and to become an astronaut at NASA.



When Sánchez's story went viral back in 2019, it caught the attention of UA President Robert Robbins, who sent her a letter inviting her to the University of Arizona. The Arizona Republic reports that UA shared a copy of the letter with the outlet. "I was thrilled to read about your incredible story online and to find out that your dream school is the University of Arizona," Robbins wrote to Pérez. "We have many outstanding space sciences programs, you would have many opportunities to work side by side with the world's leading experts." He offered to connect Pérez with faculty in the astronomy department or lunar and planetary sciences lab, as well as with the university's enrollment office. "You have a bright future ahead of you, and I hope to welcome you on campus one day as a Wildcat," Robbins concluded.



According to NBC San Diego, the academically inclined genius traveled to Tijuana, Mexico to give a presentation on black holes that left the audience astounded. The event was organized by the Institute of Art and Culture (IMAC) in Tijuana. "I'm surprised because how can a little girl know so much more than an adult? She already has two college careers," said Karen Alonso, a young girl who attended her presentation. At the time she was working on "making a bracelet that measures kid’s emotions and then parents will be able to see what emotion their kids have by checking a phone, tablet or computer," Adhara said. She also hopes to work at NASA and travel to Mars. "Do not give up, and if you don't like where you are, start planning where you want to be," Adhara advised.