American Idol Judge Luke Bryan Walked His Late Sister's Daughter Down the Aisle As Both Her Parents Passed Away

American Idol Judge Luke Bryan Walked His Late Sister's Daughter Down the Aisle As Both Her Parents Passed Away

After both of Jordan's parents died, the American Idol judge raised her and her siblings.

Cover Image Source: YouTube | Taste Of Country

Luke Bryan shared a special moment with his niece Jordan Cheshire on her wedding day, as he walked her down the aisle. Jordan is Luke's late sister Kelly's daughter, who died in 2007. Kelly had three children, Jordan, Kris, and Til, with Jordan being the eldest. Kelly died of undetermined causes, and Jordan's father, Lee Cheshire, died of cardiac arrest seven years later.



After Jordan, Kris, and Til's father died, the country singer and his wife Caroline stepped in to care for the three children. According to People, the wedding took place on September 5th at the Troubadour Gold and Field Club in Tennessee. Luke led Jordan to a point down the aisle, where Til joined them and they made their way to the altar together. Luke told ABC News about his niece Jordan's wedding, "Getting to walk Jordan down the aisle was the coolest, literally one of the most emotional things I've ever done." Jordan's late parents' memory was also honored at the wedding, with two chairs reserved for them and their wedding bands were part of Jordan’s bouquet. 



"It was just a beautiful ceremony, a beautiful time, It was just a magical wedding and we just enjoyed being with friends and family," the singer described the wedding. It was truly magical on every level." In remembering his sister and brother-in-law, Luke added, "you have to really appreciate the sad days and miss the people that you lost on those days but you have to be strong." Honour them and cry joyful tears." In addition to Jordan's husband Clint, Luke mentioned him as a 'great dude,' and Jordan and Clint are an awesome couple.

An adorable moment was also captured while walking down the aisle when dearest uncle Luke was seen fixing his niece's veil before handing her over to Clint, according to Today. During their lively reception, the singer was seen shaking a leg to Phil Collins's You'll be in my heart with niece Jordan. The lovely dance was enjoyed by the guests. Bryan was excited, happy, and emotional all at the same time, so he didn't miss any uncle duties. Before doing so, he fixed Jordan's hair and patted his back.




Luke Bryan has been through a lot of heartbreak and has experienced a lot of grief. "You never get over it," Luke said in an interview with People. You never get over the fact that it happened. It's always there, I mean."

"I've had so many tragedies in my life," the singer continued, "it's almost like you don't want to tell the story because you don't want to feel like you're out there craving sympathy."





Cover Image Source: YouTube | Taste Of Country