Al Roker And Wife Deborah Roberts Are All Smiles In Rare Intimate Photo

Al Roker And Wife Deborah Roberts Are All Smiles In Rare Intimate Photo

The 'TODAY' show weatherman and ABC journalist have been married for 25 years.

Al Roker and his wife Deborah Roberts have been together for over 25 years! Roker is the weatherman on NBC's TODAY show, and Roberts is a reporter for ABC News. The two first met in 1990 when Deborah joined NBC as a general-assignment reporter. Five years later they were married and have been together since. The couple recently shared a sweet snap on their respective social media handles where it looked they had gone for a swim in the lake. The couple, who was all smiles, sparked heartwarming fan reactions. One person commented: You two are truly genuine people, your children are lovely, your struggles are real and you bring such happiness and joy with every post you share! God bless you and please continue to share your love!


Roker and Roberts first started out as friends and their friendship slowly blossomed into something more. Roker shared on The Kelly Clarkson Show that he and Roberts were in the "friend zone" for a while. When she once asked him to keep an eye on her apartment while she was away, Roker made the sweetest gesture. "I had to snoop around," the beloved broadcaster told Clarkson. "I was in the kitchen, and I open up the fridge, and there's nothing. ... There's nothing in the fridge, like some old cheese, a bottle of Grey Poupon mustard, that's about it. A day before she got back from her trip, I stocked her pantry, I stocked her refrigerator and left some flowers on the table and a note, 'Welcome home.' And then I got my first date with her a week later."


Before they began dating, Roberts always thought of Roker as a nice person. “Al was so sweet,” recalled Roberts to PEOPLE. “He showed me pictures of his daughter and talked about his family. I just thought he was a nice guy, and that was that.” Roberts was transferred to Miami, and then Atlanta but returned to New York in 1992. Over the years they kept in touch over e-mail. But by the time she had returned to New York as a correspondent for Dateline NBC, Roker and his then-wife had split up. “She was going out with all these stud muffins,” said Roker, turning to Roberts. “I wasn’t your type.” She conceded. “He was a nice guy but kind of annoying, overly chatty. I just didn’t think of him beyond a friend.” But after Roker's sweet gesture of stocking up her fridge when she was away, Roberts had a change of heart. “That was very touching,” she said. “It was like, what is this guy trying to do? It was a gradual thing after that. He would ask me out, and we would go to dinner or maybe lunch, but I was dating other people. Then one thing led to another.” By September 16, 1995, the two ended up tying the knot.


The pair are parents to 3 children—daughters Courtney, 33, and Leila, 22, and son Nick, 18. On Sunday, Roker celebrated his son Nick’s 19th birthday. “One of the best days in our lives is July 18th,” he wrote while sharing an adorable photo of his son as a baby. “That’s when @nick.roker155 came into our world Here’s just a few of those days.” The family went to see the Yankees play for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic as part of Nick's annual birthday ritual, reports ET Canada.