A Ukrainian Mother Buried Her 6-Year-Old Hours After He Posed for a Picture With Flowers

A Ukrainian Mother Buried Her 6-Year-Old Hours After He Posed for a Picture With Flowers

According to UNICEF, two children have died every day since the inception of the war in Ukraine.

Trigger Warning: This story mentions details of war crimes that the readers may find distressing.

In a series of heartbreaking stories emerging from the war-torn country of Ukraine, a mother shared her plight of burying her 6-year-old son herself.

Just hours before his death, Oleg Kornievski posed for his mother with a bouquet of freshly gathered flowers. Oleg was killed mere hours later in a Russian artillery assault. He was killed by shrapnel in front of his house, and his mother, Ekaterina, buried him the following day. The bereaved mother was observed caring for the dirt on his grave and weeping for her young son, reports Daily Mail.



Oleg was among those murdered when Russian forces shelled Lysychansk, a city in eastern Ukraine directly over the river from Severodonetsk. At least one more individual was injured, reports Irish Daily Mail. According to Serhiy Haidai, the chairman of the Luhansk region, the attack on the area this week also caused a commercial center to burn down. He said that a separate air attack had damaged a sanatorium building in the city, causing it to collapse and maybe resulting in further casualties.

He said, "It is likely that there are people trapped under the rubble."

Four residences and a nearby mine were also damaged, while 11 houses were demolished in the Vrubivka area and a nursery school was struck in Hirske. According to UN data, 277 children have been killed and 456 have been wounded throughout the fighting, whereas Ukraine claims 313 children have been killed.



In recent weeks, Lysychansk has been subjected to constant bombardment, while Severodonetsk, on the opposite side of the Siverskyi Donets river, has witnessed some of the most savage street combat since Russia started its barbaric invasion of Ukraine. 

According to a report by UN News, approximately 2 children have been killed every day since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. The UN agency stated in a statement that the extent and pace of the catastrophe in Ukraine have not been witnessed since World War II and that 5.2 million children there now require humanitarian assistance, 3 million within the nation and more than 2.2 million in refugee-hosting countries. 

Aside from the stress of departing their homes, UNICEF stated that children escaping conflict faced a considerable danger of family separation, maltreatment, sexual exploitation, and trafficking. UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell said, "Without an urgent ceasefire and negotiated peace, children will continue to suffer – and fallout from the war will impact vulnerable children around the world."

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