A Bride-To-Be Had a Skin Reaction With Eyebrow Tint That Left Her Hospitalized for 2 Days

A Bride-To-Be Had a Skin Reaction With Eyebrow Tint That Left Her Hospitalized for 2 Days

She feared that she would have a swollen face in her wedding due to the reaction.

A bride-to-be was horrified and shocked when she suffered an intense skin reaction to an eyebrow tint.

Tamika Cleggett from Australia went to a beautician before her wedding to tend to her eyebrows. She wanted her brows waxed and colored, but she claimed they were tinted by accident. She is allergic to tint and was hospitalized for two days after receiving the beauty treatment. She said, "It was an itchy reaction at first and I put eye packs on it, but it didn’t do anything," reports New York Post.




"And then I had a burning sensation — it’s like this hotness that you try and scratch but it makes it worse," she added. "It blistered quite badly, almost like a burn, then scabbed." She was taken to a hospital with a swollen face that prevented her from opening her eyes for 24 hours, per Daily Mail. She said, describing her experience, "My biggest fear was the unknown and what was going to happen next. When the doctors said, 'There's nothing we can do for you', that's scary."

She said that it was "the most painful thing" she had ever endured and for "four days it just kept on getting worse and worse and then the fluid build-up stopped." It dropped down her face making her appearance a bit deformed. Cleggett was forced to miss three weeks of work following the treatment in April 2016. She feared that she would have a deformed appearance in her December wedding that year.



Expressing her fear she said, "They basically tinted my eyebrows without my permission. I was terrified. I was worried I would walk down the aisle looking like an alien. I would have cancelled the wedding or eloped." However, she recovered within four weeks, well before her wedding.

Cleggett decided to share her story recently on TikTok which got immense attention from viewers with over 200,000 likes. She wants to raise awareness about side-effects from beauty procedures and advice people to do patch tests before any treatments. She said, addressing all the comments about her appearance in recovery, "My sister said that I look like an alien and multiple people on TikTok have made that comment, which I think is funny; at the end of the day, you just have to laugh it off." 



She even mentioned that she went out with a friend to a local event at that time without worrying about anything. She added, "She actually walked me around like I was literally a blind person, hopping on these rides with the kids and stuff. I can only imagine what I looked like and how much I scared the kids." She further said, "In hindsight, I told her maybe it wasn’t a good idea. I was Frankenstein to them."





Cover Image Source: Tamika Cleggett/TikTok