73-Year-Old Dies After Being Assaulted by a Group of Teenagers With a Traffic Cone | “We All Can’t Stop Crying”

73-Year-Old Dies After Being Assaulted by a Group of Teenagers With a Traffic Cone | “We All Can’t Stop Crying”

No arrests have been made untill now in relation to the incident.

Image Source: Getty Images/CBS Philly

Editor's note: This article was originally published on July 11, 2022. It has since been updated.

Trigger warning: This story contains descriptions of violence and violence against the elderly which readers may find distressing.

According to CCTV evidence released by the Philadelphia Police Department on Friday, a group of seven teenagers attacked and murdered a 73-year-old man in Philadelphia last month with a traffic cone. 

An unsettling video of the June 14 incident shows a group in their late teens chasing the septuagenarian down the 2100 block of Cecil B. Moore Avenue in the city's northwest corridor, reports Fox News. The victim has been identified as James Lambert.



The teenagers then pursued the 73-year-old across the street before one of the male attackers assaulted him from behind with a traffic cone at about 3 A.M. Lambert then attempted to walk away from the group, but was pushed to the ground by the blow, at which time one of the group's women grabbed up the cone and beat him with it again.

Other members of the gang, who looked to be happy and laughing during the attack, videotaped the occurrence. One of the women looked shocked by the encounter and clasped her palms over her mouth in shock.

Lambert was transferred to the hospital, where he died the next day, according to authorities. Tania Stephens, 63, Lambert's niece told New York Post, "I’m sick to my stomach over this. We all can’t stop crying. Who does this? Anyone normal doesn’t beat up and kill a senior citizen walking down the street. Simmie didn’t deserve this."



Stephens stated that she grew up in a large mansion in the city's Fairmount neighborhood with multiple generations of her family, including her uncle. Many relatives still reside within a few blocks of one another. When Stephens was 12, her father died, and her uncle, who was retired from construction work, "stepped up" to help her mother care for her and her ten siblings.

Elsie Lambert Stephens, Tania's mother, and he was so close that Simmie, as the family affectionately called the victim, frequently went to her house for supper. Every Thanksgiving, the family is over at Elsie's house as well. Stephens said, "Everyone would always ask, where’s Simmie, has Simmie got here yet? He just had this swagger, this cool. And he always dressed like he was out of GQ."



Lambert never married and has two daughters and three grandchildren, according to Stephens. In the 1960s, he overcame a heroin addiction.

Reportedly, he had just finished dinner at his sister Elsie's place when he was assaulted. Stephans said, "My mom gave him his platter. She gave him barbecued chicken, some mac and cheese, and a dinner roll. She told him, you’re late, there are no sides left."

The Philadelphia Police Department is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators who have been identified as, "four Black males and three Black females who appear to be in their early to mid-teens."

On Saturday, a police spokesperson informed the outlet that there had been no fresh developments in the investigation. 




Cover Image Source: CBS Philly/Youtube