5 Signs Your Partner Is A Good Listener & Is Invested In You And The Relationship

5 Signs Your Partner Is A Good Listener & Is Invested In You And The Relationship

Communication and listening to each other bring partners close to each other.

Communication is one of the keys to a successful relationship. If two people talk, listen, and respond in a relationship, it allows them to stay connected emotionally and mentally. According to Psychology Today, "being a responsive partner, and feeling like your partner is responsive to you, is really at the core of good communication and closeness."

Moreover, when your partner listens and responds to your problems or mindless rants, it shows they care about you and the relationship.

However, if you are not sure if your partner is a good listener, there are ways to find out :

1. Your partner is patient when you speak

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When you open yourself up to your partner, he waits for you to complete without interrupting you. They know how important and exhausting it is to you and is extremely understanding. "...when we know we are being attentively, carefully listened to, we relax, feel ‘safe’ and are able to open up in a more eloquent and interesting way. This is one of the reasons why a good listener, by saying nothing, can really bring about great conversation," says Jane Adshead-Grant, author of Are you listening or just waiting to speak? according to Bustle

2. Your partner is not judgemental 

Talking about issues in the relationship may not be an easy task, if your partner does not have the heart to listen. But, you have always found it easy to confront your partner about the things that bother you. They give you the room to speak by waiting in silence. They are focused on resolving it rather than looking away and wandering in their own thoughts or looking at their phones. According to Inspiring Tips, "this shows that you respect the person talking and that you are all ears to what he or she has got to say." Therefore, you feel confident to come to your partner with anything.

3. Your partner asks questions 

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Your partner allows you to spell out everything you are feeling without fear of judgment. However, they also ask questions to help you express yourself if they feel you are holding back things. They are particular about clarifying the details and it shows that they care about your problems.

It also displays their active engagement in the conversation. "If you ask questions, it invites them into the conversation. Reflecting a speaker's content means that you listen to the person; then you give him or her feedback that makes it clear you're receiving the factual message," according to Oprah.com.

4. Your partner does not derail from the topic

Your partner is never defensive when you address an issue. Instead, they choose to give ear to you. They wait for their chance to talk about their own feelings and views on your concerns. Psychologist Paul Donaghue told Huffington Post,"  ...when we're defending, we're not listening." Therefore, good partners will digest your points first before taking the conversation off topic and making it all about themselves.

5. Your partner paraphrases 

Somedays when you pour your heart out about your frustrating work life or your irritating boss, they often repeat your words back just to keep themselves in track with the tale. The simple action signifies they are entirely invested in the conversation.