5 Lessons I Learned After Getting My Heart Broken Again And Again

5 Lessons I Learned After Getting My Heart Broken Again And Again

Love is out there, you should not give up!

We have all had our hearts broken and some of us have had to go through that experience a number of times, not because we wanted to but because we kept trusting the wrong person with our emotions. But that does not mean that love doesn't exist or that one should stop trusting people completely, it's just that one needs to wait for the right person and then life becomes the thing of beauty that movies are made of!

Of course, when you get your heart broken you learn one or the other lesson that helps you be a little more cautious the next time, and these lessons are the lessons about love and relationship that truly matter:

1) It is better not to fall in love than to fall in love with someone who doesn't respect you.

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This is something that one must never forget. No one can truly love you if they don't respect you for who you are, what you do, and the kind of personality you carry. If they don't respect you, sooner or later, they will start taking you for granted and before you know it, love would disappear.

2) One kiss on the forehead is better than a thousand kisses on the lips.




This is something we understand only when we find someone who loves us unconditionally. A kiss on the forehead is a sign of care that is unparalleled. Only a person who truly loves your soul and not just your body would kiss you on the forehead to let you know that they are there for you.

3) Not trusting someone because of your past experience would only hold you back.

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If someone betrayed you, it was the kind of person they were. That wasn't you. You should not stop yourself from being a trusting and loving person just because someone broke your trust. It was not your fault and you should not stop seeking love and trust just because someone thought it was fun toying with you.

4) Love is a 2-way street.

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Do not force your love on someone and do not lead someone on if you don't love them. One-sided love always ends in disasters and leaves people broken and in tatters. Be straightforward in your words and honest to yourself and you would find that true love would find its way to you.

5) Not every relationship is the same.

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Stop comparing your relationship with that of others. They have struggles you don't know about and comparing your relationship with someone means that you want someone better and that your current love is not who you are satisfied with. This does no good to either of the partners as it is needlessly selfish to focus on what you wish you had and not cherish the beautiful thing you actually have.