Fun Test: 4 Types of Toes And The Secrets They Reveal About Your Personality

Fun Test: 4 Types of Toes And The Secrets They Reveal About Your Personality

Your unique features are a window to your personality

We are different people with different features that make us unique. It might be the shape of our nose, the color of our eyes, or even the shape of our face. Other than helping you stand out, these features also reveal a lot about your personality.

It shows who you are as a person and what your likes and dislikes are. Just like other parts of your body, your toes also have a lot to say. Whether it is long, short, or wide, these toes are hiding some key attributes about your personality.

Here are a few types of toes:

1. Stretched toes 

Source: In-house Illustration by Shamik Das

If you have stretched toes, it means that your big toe stands out from the rest. While the rest are tightly packed on one side, your big toe is evidently long and away from the lot. Those that have this kind of toes stand out in the crowd. Your personality and style are distinct and people recognize it no matter where you go.

You are also a self-satisfied and independent person. You enjoy solitude as it makes you more focused and helps you achieve your goal. When in public, you are not afraid to put forward your opinions. While people respect you, you come off as aggressive and proud to some. However, be careful, as your competitive spirit in proving your point up from may annoy many. 

2. Warrior Toes

Source: In-house Illustration by Shamik Das

Warrior toes are characterized by people whose big toe and four other toes are of similar length. If you have such toes, you are a social butterfly. Being with people and having conversations makes you most comfortable. You love the idea of meeting unique personalities and so, you never pass on an opportunity to get out.

Whether it is a party or a small gathering, you make your presence known among the guests. You take the initiative to start a dialogue with strangers. This makes you look like a warm and welcoming person. People look at you as an approachable human and find it easy to have a talk with you.

Moreover, you are a very passionate person with a lot of interests and ideas. You never shy away from speaking your mind. People are attracted to this attribute of yours and come to you for inspiration. However, you have the tendency to lose your temper while getting into an argument, especially if it is about something you hold close to your heart. 

3. Wide Toes

Source: In-house Illustration by Shamik Das

If you have wide toes, you will have spaces between them. Those with such toes are travelers. You believe in new experiences and adventures. You are always ready to pack your bags for something that will give you an adrenaline rush. Monotony is something you dislike.

Even when you are unable to wander into the lands you love, you try to make each day interesting. While this attribute positively impacts you most of the time, you suffer from instability at times. Therefore, some believe you are irresponsible. However, this does not stop you from seeking the answers you want.

4. Inclined Toes

Source: In-house Illustration by Shamik Das

When the second toe leans towards the big toe with considerable space between the third toe, it is called inclined toes. If you have such toes, you are a peace lover.

You will never be seen starting an unnecessary argument or engaging in any kind of violent behavior. You have a calm personality, who knows how to pick your battles wisely.

Even if you have something in mind, you will be considerate of others and will ensure that you present your idea kindly. Additionally, you keep yourself away from trouble. However, sometimes, people take advantage of the nice person you are. This hurts you but you still chose to refrain from confronting them.

Disclaimer : This article is for your entertainment / infotainment purposes.