23-Year-Old Mom Killed By Stray Bullet While Reading Bible To Her 7-Month-Old Baby Inside Home

23-Year-Old Mom Killed By Stray Bullet While Reading Bible To Her 7-Month-Old Baby Inside Home

The mother-of-two died as a result of a gunshot wound to the head.

In a tragic turn of events, a young mom passed away from a gunshot wound while in her own home. Melanie Yates was reading the Bible to her 7-month-old  when she was fatally shot by a stray bullet. Yates does not appear to have been the intended target and authorities are still searching for the shooter or shooters. The 23-year-old is survived by her husband David and two young daughters Lydia and Evelyn.. Her dad Shawn Calderon told WGN-TV that Yates "was with her baby reading a Bible story to her seven-month-old and praying with her. You can see we’re struggling with them being traumatized.” She was then rushed to the hospital but things looked bleak for the mom-of-two. “So the ambulance picked her up and took her she died on the way. But they resuscitated her and took her to Vista,” her father said. She had to be taken off life support but her heart was still beating for a time. “And she was so strong for 15 minutes, her heartbeat, and we held her in our arms,” the family said.


The victim's mother Lam Calderon told WLS-TV that her daughter was looking forward to expanding her family in the future, perhaps having "five to seven kids" total. Lam said that David first thought the gunshots were firework noises while he was putting one of the kids to bed, but he eventually found out that it was something far more horrifying. "He looked for her, where she was at in the house, and he found her shot in the head," Lam said. "He came in and he told me that our daughter had been shot and we didn't believe him. It was just unfathomable," she shared.  The family is trying to heal and they're holding onto their faith to help them get through this heartwrenching time. "We have the hope and the assurance that she is in heaven right now with Jesus and one day we will see her again. That's what we're holding onto," Lam added.


A GoFundMe has been set up to help with expenses where the family remembered Yates as "beloved" by many. "Everybody who knew Lanie knows she loved Jesus Christ with every fiber of her being. There is no doubt whatsoever that she is in heaven at this very moment," the page read. "But we on earth miss her very dearly. We miss her passionate, powerful prayers. We miss her infectious laugh. We miss her beautiful singing voice lifting songs of worship. We miss her feisty, witty humor. We miss her dedication to being an amazing, godly mom and wife. We miss her. And we wish with every fiber of our being she was here, but we know she's in a better place."

As of now no suspects are in custody yet. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call the Zion Police Department at 847-872-8000. You can also leave an anonymous tip by calling the Lake County CrimeStoppers at 847-662-2222 or visiting their website at www.lakecountycrimestoppers.com.