15 Photos That Show The Real Diana Frances Spencer Before She Became Diana, Princess of Wales

15 Photos That Show The Real Diana Frances Spencer Before She Became Diana, Princess of Wales

The photos show a face of Princess Diana that was unencumbered by the shackles of the royal life.

Lady Diana Spencer didn't know she would be a princess when she grew up even though she always wanted to be part of the royal family. As per Patrick Jephson, who worked as Diana’s private secretary, she wanted to be queen and not just a princess, reports Express UK. She was ambitious and a romantic. Diana imagined herself to be in love with Prince Charles just after their third meeting, wrote author Howard Hodgson in his biography Charles: The Man who will be King.

Once she was thrust into public life, we see her as a member of the royal family. She didn't grow up in the limelight and was a normal young British girl prior to that. The photos from her life before she became the Princess of Wales are likely to be an honest window into who she was. The photos reveal a carefree young girl and later, a woman who was full of spirit. 

Whatever we know of her after her wedding is in reference to Prince Charles and his family, and how she rebelled against them. Her dreams of being in a loving marriage were dashed soon after as she realized that her husband loved someone else, and also, that they were not suited to each other. The photos from that era show her unhappiness in being shackled to a man who doesn't love her. 

But prior to that, we see a beautiful young lady. Here are 15 photos from her life before she joined the royal family that shows us who she was: 

1. A star is born


Lady Diana Spencer was born on July 1, 1961. 

2. An innocent doyenne


3. The grumpy little lady


Princess Diana at their home in Sandringham, UK. 

5. Diana, the sports enthusiast 


6. The protective older sister


Princess Diana and Earl Charles Spencer. 

7. Stylish forever


8. A budding beauty


This photo of Lady Diana Spencer is from the family album, during a summer holiday at Itchenor, West Sussex. 

9. The romance lover 


The little lady is seen enjoying a Barbara Cartland book. Cartland was known for her romance novels. 

10. A lady in the making 


11. The dancing queen


Princess Diana loved ballet and continued learning even after her marriage. 

12. The perfect bridesmaid 


Princess Diana as a bridesmaid at sister Lady Jane Spencer's wedding. 

13. The sweetest teacher


Princess Diana worked as a kindergarten teacher before marrying Prince Charles. 

14. Nanny diaries


She worked as a nanny earning $5 an hour before being thrust into the public eye. 

15. A favorite of the paparazzi 

Source: Getty Images | Photo by John Minihan

Once Princess Diana and Prince Charles' romance became public, she was followed by photographers everywhere.