10 People Share The Worst Things Their Partners Have Ever Said To Them

10 People Share The Worst Things Their Partners Have Ever Said To Them

Some of these are just awful.

When we fall in love, we expect our partner to treat us with kindness, respect, and support. But sometimes the world is a cruel place and we are subjected to mistreatment due to no fault of our own. According to Diply, strangers online have shared some of the worst things their partner has said to them or done to them. Putting these stories out there maybe be painful but in a way, finding others who can offer sympathy and support can play a role in healing. If you ever go through anything that's similar to what's on the list, please find the strength to cut toxic people out of your life! 

1. The "Bad Mom"

Moms are often underappreciated for all the work that they do to raise their kids. So when your partner does the same, it hurts. "He told me I was a bad mom the day before Mother's Day because we were fighting at the time. Went for the jugular on that one. Forgave him because I know he was just frustrated with me and doesn't actually think that, but it took me a while to not be angry about that particular comment," one person shared.


2. Lack of Consent

This may be triggering to read. One person said that their friends with benefits were hanging out with her but she wasn't "in the mood" to do anything. Instead of respecting her wishes, the man persisted and forced himself onto her and when he finished, he said, "see, it wasn't so bad you big baby." Disgusting!

3. Breakup at a Funeral

There's no right time to break up with someone but come on! A funeral!? And that too your own mom's! One person revealed that they were dumped on the day that their mother died. What's even worse is that they called them a cry baby in front of all of their friends!

4. Hiding A Whole Life

"An ex of mine cheated on me, in the bathroom down the hall from my bedroom on New Years Eve. 2 Weeks later, I find out that she has hidden the fact that she had a child (that a friend was raising) for over 9 months," one person shared.


5. Comparing Bodies

This is an obvious no-no! Why would you ever compare your ex's body to your current partner's? Why would you even tell them anything about it explicitly?  One guy said that their ex-girlfriend told him that his friend was "bigger than him," in terms of what was in their pants. TMI. And just plain rude. 


6. Marrying The Wrong Person

Weeks before a woman's 10th wedding anniversary her husband told her that he never wanted to be with her. "'I never wanted to marry you. I cried the night before our wedding because I knew I would have to spend the rest of my life with you.'  Hurt like hell. Still does from time to time, in fact," she said.

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7. Make-Up Free

Now, this one is pretty cruel. A partner should love you for who you are, inside and out but it looks like some people are just mean and shallow. "I have a pretty bad complexion and I usually wear lots of foundation to cover it up, but one time I woke up with my boyfriend completely makeup-free and he said that seeing my face made him want to throw up," one person said.

8.  Exes During Sex

Isn't this an obvious rule? Don't bring up an ex, especially during sex? While having shower sex with her boyfriend, he stopped mid-sex to say that he "wishes" she was as flexible as his ex-girlfriend and even mentioned her by name. Girl, dump him!


9. Victim-Shaming

One woman recalled that her partner shamed her and blamed her for being sexually abused! "I was sexually abused when I was ten-twelve. My first serious boyfriend expressed that he was mad that 'I wasn't pure' and he basically called me a sl*t."



10. Wedding Regrets

Soon after one woman got married, instead of expecting marital bliss to follow,  her husband rolled over and said that he didn't love her and that they probably shouldn't have gotten married. How awful!

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