6 July, 2020

Christopher Reeve Had Given Up On Life Until Robin Williams Made Him Laugh For First Time Since Paralyzing Accident

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Julia Roberts Celebrates 18th Wedding Anniversary With Husband Danny Moder, Says "He's The Best Decision I've Ever Made"

Kelly Clarkson Is Devastated By The Split From Husband Of 7 Years But She Will Come Out Of It As A "Stronger Person"

Vegan Couple Ignored Their Baby's Health And Nearly Starved Him To Death By Feeding Him Potato Mash

Demi Lovato Is Relieved Her Grandpa Is No Longer In Pain Though It Hurts To Not Be Able To Say The Last Goodbye

George Clooney Is "Sorry" He Fell In Love With Amal In His 50s|He Could "Have Spent Even More Time Her" Otherwise

Man Abandoned Wife & Newborn After Seeing Baby's Face Had Congenital Defect|They Haven't Seen Or Heard From Him Ever Since


1 July, 2020

Angelina Jolie Allegedly Forced Brad Pitt To Cut Ties With Ex Jennifer Fearing He Would Return To Her|"She Was Jealous"

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Princess Diana Said "I Can't Marry Him. I Can't Do This," Even Moments Before The Wedding But No One Supported Her

Stepmom Refuses To Cook For Stepkids After They Throw Tantrums While Eating Her Food | "I Won’t Cook For His Kids"

Pamela Anderson's Ex-Jon Peters Broke Up With His Fiance To Be With Her But She Broke His Heart Just 12 Days Later

Steve Jobs Refused To Accept His Daughter For Years But His Daughter Forgave Him| "I Felt Ashamed...I Had This Father"

2YO Died After Being Trapped In Borehole For 13 Days Leaving Parents Devastated At Losing 2nd Child In 2 Years

Kelly Clarkson Credits Husband Brandon For Emmy Win Despite Filing For Divorce | "Thank You... For Believing In Me"


29 June, 2020

Diana Cried Herself To Sleep After Harry's Birth Because Prince Charles Said His "Duty" As A Husband Was Over

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Starbucks Barista Receives Over $90,000 in Tips After He Stood Up To A Customer Who Refused To Wear A Mask

Princess Diana Fulfilled Her Last Wish For Prince William And Harry In Her Will | They Had to Wait Till They Turned 25 For It

Mom Left All Alone After Husband, Daughter & Son Die In Same Horrific Drunk Driving Accident On Father's Day

Couple Sell Their Newborn Child Online To Pay Off Their Debt Of $8,500 & Use The Money To Buy Mobiles & Drugs

Duane Chapman & Fiance, Francie, Cried Over The Loss Of Beth On Their First Phone Call | "You'll Never Forget The Spouse"

Harrison Ford Betrayed His First Wife & Had An"Intense" Affair With 19YO Carrie Fisher | “I Was Shocked...He Fancied Me"