27 October, 2021

“Sweet, Loving And Joyful” 7-Year-Old Boy Attacked And Killed By Family Dog

Shruti Menon

Bride Wears Her Grandmother's Wedding Dress That's Been In The Basement For 60 Years

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22 October, 2021

Bride Leaves Empty Seat For Late Son, Is Left In Tears When She Sees Who Show Up

Shilpa Das Gupta

Single Dad Adopts Baby With Down Syndrome Who Was Rejected By 20 Families: ‘I Am Proud To Be Her Dad’

Family Honors Late Grandmother At Her Funeral By Displaying All The Quilts She Sewed Over The Years

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9-Months Pregnant Woman Allegedly Raped By Masseur While Getting A Prenatal Massage

Mother Arrested After Abandoning 2-Year-Old Daughter With Strangers At A Hospital


21 October, 2021

6-Year-Old Writes Sassy "Angry" Letter To Teacher Who Punished Him For Talking In Class

Shruti Menon

Single Dad Adopted Teen Who Was Abandoned At Hospital: 'I Knew I Had To Take Him'

After 19 Heartbreaking Miscarriages, Mom Gives Birth To “Snuggly And Healthy” 14-Pound Baby

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Seal Beaten Unconscious By Tourists So That Children Could Take Photos With It

Woman Raped On A Pennsylvania Train While Passengers Watched & Did Nothing, Say Police