25 November, 2022

Father And Teenage Son Die In A Car Crash While Going To Son’s Music School Audition

Vani Khokar

Dad Throws His Body in Front of a Bull to Protect His Son at Texas Rodeo

Man Falls in Love With His Ex-Wife’s Sister and Asks for Advice | “I Could Really Use Your Help”

Employee Joyously Dances To Manager’s Voicemail After Ditching Work | “Hated Working There So Very Much”

Employee Quits After Boss Demands to Cover Shifts While Refusing to Cancel Their Own Vacation

Mom Finds Daughter After Family Forced Her to Give Her Up for Adoption | "For 42 years I’ve been lost. Now I am found"

One-Year-Old Boy Run Over By Tractor Returns Home Safely Before Thanksgiving | "God Had His Hand Over His Head"


25 November, 2022

Man Calls Police After His Mother-In-Law Was Trying to Breastfeed His Daughter Without Permission

Vani Khokar

Woman Saves Herself From Being Kidnapped Using This Hand Gesture And Every Woman Should Know This

Woman Loses Her Cool When Husband Throws Away Her Box Of Tampons Because He Doesn’t Like Them

91-Year-Old Employee Has Been Working For Seven Days A Week At A Restaurant For 10 Years

Chris Watts Is Busy Sending 'Racy' Letters To Multiple Women From Prison: Sources | He Killed His Pregnant Wife and Kids

Richard Gere’s Oldest Son Homer Is Just as Handsome as His Dad | The 22-Year-Old Was Born to Gere and Carey Lowell

Police Officer And His Wife Adopt 1-Day-Old Baby Girl Dropped Off At Baby Box | "She Is Truly An Answer To Our Prayer"


25 November, 2022

Jennifer Lopez Deletes All of Her Instagram Posts Including Her Adorable Wedding Photos With Ben Affleck

Kritika Lamba

13-Year-Old Boy Died Saving His Sister | He Jumped In Front Of Speeding SUV to Save Her

Employee Calls Out Company For Asking Staff To Pay $30 Each For Corporate Christmas Party | "I'd Be Busy That Night"

Mom Dies While Saving Baby Daughter by Pushing The Pram Away Out of the Way of Oncoming Lorry

21-Year-Old Kenyan Woman Marries 61-Year-Old American Man | "When You Love Someone, Age Doesn't Matter"

Loving Husband Dies In House Fire Beside His Wife After Refusing Chance to Escape | "I’m Not Leaving My Wife"

Father Who Killed 2-Day-Old Daughter Because She Was Crying Was Found Dead in His Prison Cell