29 September, 2020

Hugh Hefner Was Devastated When His Ex-Wife Cheated On Him Before Their Wedding | "I Had...Saved Myself For My Wife"

Varsha B

Father Makes 10yo Daughter Walk To School For 5 Miles To Teach A Lesson | He Humiliated Her by Posting Video Online

Carrie Fisher Didn't Regret Her Affair With Married Harrison Ford | She Regretted Revealing It After His Divorce

Marriage Proposal on Brooklyn Bridge Goes Horribly Wrong After Photographer Stands in Bike Lane|Watch the Video Inside

Woman Faked Her Pregnancy To Betray Her Friend Of 10 Years In A Horrific Way And Kidnap Her Newborn Baby

John Travolta Mourning Death Of His Beloved Wife, Kelly Dances With Daughter To Honor Her As She Loved Dancing With Him

Martha Stewart Reportedly Left Her Ex-Husband In the Hotel Room & Spent The Night With Another Man During Their Honeymoon


24 September, 2020

Terrified Of Abusive Parents, 7-YO Pleads To Doctors Not To Cure Her | "I Want to Die" Said The Poor Child

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Mom Loses Newborn After Midwives Argue With Each Other During Delivery & Neglect The Baby|"We Will Never Get Over" It

Brad Pitt Did Something Sweet & Thoughtful For Jennifer Aniston, Which Shows He Still Cares Despite The Bitter Divorce

Princess Diana Said Prince Charles' "Feelings Seemed To Have Been Suffocated At Birth" | He "Never Had Any Hands-On Love"

Mom Loses Both Legs While Saving Her Kids From Tornado|She Chose To Let Beam Fall On Her Instead Of Letting Kids Go

Rare 'Halloween' Blue Moon, Which Comes Once In 19 Years, Will Rise This October 31 And May Make The Night Spookier

Heartbroken Sylvester Stallone Mourns The Death Of His Mother | He Took Care Of Her Like A Queen All Throughout His Life


22 September, 2020

Pregnant Mom Stunned & Heartbroken After Husband Cheated & Blamed Her Pregnancy Body For His Infidelity

Varsha B

Dolly Parton's Words "I Know Every Line In His Face" About Hubby Of 54 Years Shows Joy Of A Wife Who Has A Good Man

Groom Makes His Friends Sign An NDA Before His Bachelor Party & Then Cheats On Bride With Stripper

Lonely Widower Puts Up Poster Asking For A Friend After He Was Left Alone Due To The Passing Of His "Soulmate" Wife

Pierce Brosnan Feels He Will Never Find Anyone As Good As His Wife Of 19 Yrs | "Not If I Searched A Million Times Over"

Wendy Williams' Husband Cheated On Her All Throughout Their Marriage & Blamed Her Saying "Wendy Never Took A Day Off"

Dad Refuses To Take Care Of Wheelchair-Bound 11YO Daughter While Her Mother Gave Up Everything To Be By Her Side