24 June, 2022

Dad-To-Be Dies Seven Days After Visiting ER For The Second Time | “He Was So, So Excited To Be A Dad”

Meryl Streep's 44-Year-Long Love Story You Should Know More About

Woman Who Fell in Love and Married a “Ragdoll” Welcomes a Baby | “Married Life With Him Is Wonderful”

Bill Cosby Found Guilty of Sexually Assaulting 16-Year-Old At Playboy Mansion In 1975

'Diary Of A Wimpy Kid' Actor Plotted To Assassinate Justin Trudeau After Killing His Mother

Uvalde Police Officers Did Not Try to Open the Classroom Door to Counter the Shooter, Says Report

New FDA-Approved Alopecia Drug Helps Restores Hair Growth in Many Patients


21 June, 2022

A Ukrainian Mother Buried Her 6-Year-Old Hours After He Posed for a Picture With Flowers

Father Accused Of Drowning His Children During Custodial Visit | “If I Can’t Have Them, Neither Can You”

Teen Mows Lawns So That His Stepfather Can Adopt Him and His Brother | “He’s Always Been There for Us”

Kurt Russell Tears Up After Kate Hudson’s Moving 'Father’s Day' Tribute | “He’s One Hell of a Dad”

Jeff Bridges And Susan Geston Are The Ultimate Hollywood Power Couple

Floor Sealant Accidentally Served Instead Of Milk At School: "Students Complained of Milk Tasting Bad, Throat Burning'

"Nice Guy" Tom Hanks Shouts at Fans After They Almost Knock Over His Wife Rita Wilson: “Back the F*** Off”


17 June, 2022

6YO Girl Drowns In Her Neighbor's Pool After Stacking Chairs To Climb Over Locked Gate

Shruti Menon

Woman Loses Custody Of 16YO Daughter To Her Alleged Rapist And Has To Pay Him Child Support

33-Year-Old Mother Of 12 Has Been Pregnant For 17 Years

8-YO Boy Dies After Getting Stuck Between Washer and Dryer While Playing Hide-and-Seek

Mom Keeps Car in Drive, Runs Over Her Baby By Mistake After 1YO Falls From Backseat Of Car

Two-Year-Old Infant Mauled and Mutilated By Pack of Puppies Affected by 'Littermate Syndrome'

Morgan Freeman Converted His 124-Acre Ranch Into A Bee Sanctuary To Save The Environment